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Episode 144: Sex Nerd Sandra
Sex Prep: Body Image with Elle Chase and Elaine!

Sex Nerd Sandra #144: Sex Prep: Body Image with Elle Chase and Elaine!

FEELINGS ARE EVERYWHERE! What do we do when we feel repulsed by our own body? Elaine shares her experience with body dysmorphia, and sex educator Elle Chase shares tools to find outer peace. TOPICS: Louis C.K., OCD, Dr. Ari Winograd, Cultivating Sources of Beauty, Cellulite, Pubic Hair, Seeking Help, Nerds, Escaping Feelings, Self-Help Pitfalls, Sandra’s Bully, Embodied Feelings, Deep-throating. THEN: Can you handle that nothing is wrong with you? Beach Body, Big n Tall Shops, Looking Healthy, Healthy Ways to Compliment Someone, Feeling Good vs Sexy, Relationship Red Flags, Charisma, Sexy vs Sensual, Food Metaphors, Finding Your Sexy, Mirror Masturbation, Feeling Guilty, and FYI No One Cares (what you look like).

Elle Chase (Lady Cheeky) is passionate about passion. A sex educator, writer, speaker and coach, Elle focuses on positive body image, reigniting sexual expression and better sex after 40. Her highly trafficked websites, (NSFW) and have both garnered multiple awards, including LA Weekly’s Best Sex Blog 2013 and’s Best of Tumblr Porn. Elle speaks at sexuality conferences across the country, publishes erotica and sexuality articles, gives workshops, and recently launched the Los Angeles Academy of Sex Education, where she serves as Education Coordinator. You can find Elle at, and on Twitter: @smutforsmarties,  @LadyCheeky (NSFW)

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  1. George Adams says:

    Sander, listening to the comics podcast now. If you haven’t stumbled across it yet, I think you would REALLY enjoy Sam Kieths’ The Maxx

  2. toasty says:

    I am really hoping to see more episodes on body image: it’s a subject that touches everyone one way or another and it really is something so many seem to equate with those “you’re beautiful, everyone is beautiful” messages they see on posters, or even scribble to the side of a bathroom stall in the ladies room themselves, and leave it at that. 
    I feel like this episode barely even scraped the surface, it barely got into the sometimes very intense feelings of those with body image issues, how that is reflected in sex, on day to day life, and people’s deep rooted perceptions of themselves and others. Even talk about how to maybe begin to deal with these issues was pretty hasty. In fact, I’m not sure Sandra herself fully got to understanding body image issues and how they may affect one’s life during the course of these interviews and that more than anything left me wanting more episodes on this. Because I really want to see more people understand it, even a fraction of it.
    Maybe with more interviewees who are more comfortable talking about their feelings and experiences on the matter (maybe even ask listeners with BI issues to send emails describing it)? And more time for a professional who focuses on body image issues to get into it all?
    I hope my tone doesn’t appear negative. Because don’t get me wrong, I liked this episode. This is a topic that definitely needs to be talked about, and Sandra is usually rather excellent at boring into and talking about various issues! which is why this episode left me wanting more. Dig into it! Yisss!