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Episode 139: Sex Nerd Sandra
Sex Writer's Block with…

Sex Nerd Sandra #139: Sex Writer’s Block with Lauren Marie Fleming plus UBK!

KINK CONTRACTS, LOVE LETTERS and SEX GUIDES: Lauren Marie Fleming a/k/a Queerie Bradshaw shares easy ways for writing to improve your love and sex life. PLUS Gregory Scott a/k/a UBK of Kush Audio tries to figure out why Sandra feels broken. Good luck, UBK! TOPICS: Small Town Girl, Gonorrhea, Sex & Loss, Breakups, Postcards, Love Letters, Negotiating Consent, Law Degree, Sharing Fantasies, Analogue, Depression Jar, Truth or Dare, Pen & Paper Fetish, Frisky Feminist Press, Twitter, Steve Almond, Showing-not-Telling, Yes/Hell Yes/Maybe/Not Really/Hell No List, Need/Want/Can’t List, Erotica, Flying Wish Paper and Hard Truths. THEN: Nanowrimo, Commitment, Choosing a Topic, Frustration, Memoir, Feeling Selfish, Gay Face on a Plane, Pseudonym, Kinds of Artists, Finishing Things, and Sex and Music.


Lauren Marie Fleming loves to put both sides of her brain to use. A writer since childhood, she runs the critically-acclaimed blog and writes for major news sources as an expert on the legal and social issues surrounding sex, sexuality, gender and gender identity. Lauren also started Frisky Feminist Press (, which features sexual education guides and classes from the top sex educators on the Internet.

Find Lauren on Twitter: @LaurenMF for writing only, @FriskyFeminist for the sex educational guides and online classes, @QueerieBradshaw for everything.


Gregory Scott is an unabashed sound nerd who finds bliss in his acoustically-tuned man cave.  Therein, he makes analog and digital sound sculpting tools for Kush Audio, podcasts about the wonders of sound on the UBK Happy Funtime Hour, and co-writes ’70s-sounding songs with his lovely and talented wife Sarah for Sneaky Little Devil.

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  1. Shannon says:

    Random suggestion from an episode a while ago but… Sandra, have you considered getting transcripts made of your show/classes and whipping them into essay or chapter form if you’re still moving toward a book? You mentioned that you come out of workshops and classes bursting with more than could be covered but writing from scratch seems daunting.
    I have the much the same writing block, but I find if I’m editing/changing/working with something that already exists it’s much easier. 
    Great show! I’m now going out to buy a good pen and doing a bit more “drinking drafting” in which I’m only allowed to add and not edit until the next day.

  2. Was there any word on that kink-sharing app mentioned in the show? Is something like it out there?