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Episode 138: Sex Nerd Sandra
Leather Master/slave…

Sex Nerd Sandra #138: Leather Master/Slave Contestants Orpheus & Indigo, Plus Jenny Fine!

WHAT IS A LEATHER DADDY? Orpheus & Indigo are back, answering Sandra’s questions about the mysterious world of leather, leading up to their entry in the SoCal Master/Slave Contest ( Artist Jenny Fine helps Sandra prepare. TOPICS: Fish Panties, Depression, Leather Puppy, Police Academy, Fractals, 1950s Relationships, Fitting In, Angry Black Woman, Anger, Whipped, Emotional Enslavement, Leather Mythos, WWII, Tom of Finland, Earning Your Boots, Poly Relationships, Quad Geometry, and Hook Suspensions!



Orpheus Black, BDSM/fetish educator, professional Dom, and D/s counselor, became a household name in the kink community after co-hosting the Severe Society internet radio show on the KSEX network in 2001. While working on the show, he honed his skills in performances at local hotspots including Club Dungeon, Bondage Ball, Bar Sinister, Lair de Sade, Passive Arts Studio, and Miss Kitty’s Parlor. Incorporating a wide array of BDSM/fetish ideals, principles and philosophies, Orpheus created his signature D/s style—a holistic, psycho-sensuous approach to dominance. Say hi on Facebook and Twitter and check out Club Hentai! If you’d like to donate to SoCal Leather Master Slave Contest, click on the the link or let him know!

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  1. Alejandro says:

    Hi there Sandra! I have listened to your show for a while now but since I’m super shy I have never written anything, I just wanted to thank you for the little tidbit at the beginning of the episode about depression. It came just at the right time for me.

    A little bit before the episode came out I started going through one of these extremely debilitating times and I’m currently working through it. I really appreciate you taking the time to record and to add that part to this episode, it helps a lot. Thanks.

  2. PMadison says:

    Where can we find out more about the upcoming UW Madison appearance you mentioned in the beginning of the show?