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Episode 13: Sex Nerd Sandra
Ladies' Man

Sex Nerd Sandra #13: Ladies’ Man

Hitting on women, but for nice guys: Charm expert Jordan Harbinger joins Sandra and Dave live on stage at NerdMelt. Topics include the importance of blinking, body language, the creepy factor and Sandra’s personal favorite: admitting insecurity IS confidence. Audience questions: Gentle rejection, online dating and getting out of the friend zone.

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And check out The Art Of Charm to learn more!

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  1. groovygonzzo says:

    Hey new fan here, your podcasts are fun and casual talk about sex “the game” is very good for us nerds.

  2. Slupor says:

    Jordan Harbinger is a master of human psychology as much as Palpatine is a master of the Force (hey, this IS nerdist)

  3. wkz says:

    I agree with Danny, I usually feel like about few more hours of sex nerd Sandra every week would be great.

  4. siladar says:

    This was another fantastic sex nerd Sandra! I really loved the topic and hope you do more podcast about charm, flirting and confidence another time!

  5. Danny says:

    That show was really good, i’ve would have take at least another hour of this!

  6. Vincent K. says:

    Is there another live podcast on the horizon?

  7. Scullyd90 says:

    I was having a really stressful day until my husband pointed out it was sexy wednesday…and that made eveything better.

  8. Vincent S says:

    woot for more Sex Nerd episodes! Listening commence!