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Episode 11: Sex Nerd Sandra
Sex and Cancer!?

Sex Nerd Sandra #11: Sex and Cancer!?

GIRL-NEXT-DOOR: Sandra and Dave talk to Rachel, a sexy cougar going through treatment. Can you have cancer AND a sex life? Yes! This show is dedicated to anyone who has or loves someone with breast cancer. Topics: Sex toys, hardcore medical stories (Squeamish Beware!), talking to your doctor about sex, adult store discoveries, old timey sex ed, vaginal dilation, and not letting cancer define who your are. (Please donate to

**No pic of our guest this week, friends. She would prefer to be anonymous, so you’ll just have to believe me when I say she’s super hot and that her name is Rachel.

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  1. Tina Sparkle says:

    Boy, just had to say how inspirational I found this. On seeing this week’s topic I was worried the podcast might be a bit depressing because lets face it,, cancer ain’t fun. But I am so glad and inspired by everything you discussed! Your host was not only a voice of truth for cancer patients, but for all women! Health is directly effected by your happiness levels and sex is very much a harbinger of happiness. How frustrating the doctors weren’t sex positive. I am so glad Rachel was able to make such a positive transformation out of such a crappy health issue. Rock on!

  2. Vincent K. says:

    Aww, hugs back!

    Congrats on how well things are going with the podcast. You’ve really tapped into something special.

  3. Oh, I could just give both of you Vincents a hug!

    YES! Please donate! We’ve had donations begin to trickle in. Supporting my friend’s breasts supports my heart!

  4. Vincent S says:

    I have to say, this episode has to win a Sex Nerd Sandra podcast best-of prize. I really enjoyed this because it’s one of the few times that I’ve had death being talked about in a candid manner. In a “this is what’s happening, how about we do these instead” way. It’s great in some “I can’t type this feeling” sort of way, you know?

    Faulty writing aside, I was so amazed by the guest’s outlook in life. She just wanted to enjoy life, even with this thing in front of her. Also, probably one of the first times I’ve had contact with the effects of menopause, how the va-jayjay doesn’t work when you remove something that dramatically and also some info on how a post-menopause mind works (always good to know what happens). So, biologically, this maybe the most descriptive of the Sex Nerd bunch.

    Aww well, even if my vocabulary needs a tune up in the word junction place, all I really wanted to say is: This was great, in more ways than just the crotch related.

    DONATE! Nerdlings!

  5. Vincent K. says:

    Wonderful podcast, Sandra. Really fantastic. I lost a dear friend of mine to cancer when I was in college, so it hit home. She was married to an incredible dude and had two beautiful kids. It’s odd to think about years later, but I hope she and her husband still enjoyed all the intimacy they could when they had a time.

  6. Thanks, Danny! Word on the man-cancer. I’m definitely hoping to find a male guest knoweldgeable about sexuality & cancer for a show. Stay tuned!

  7. Danny says:

    Thanks a lot for this very interesting conversation! I’m a guy who has cancer and it’s really not a subject that’s being talked at the hospital. I would really like a male version on this matter tough…