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See The New “Life In A Day” Trailer

Remember last July 24th, when Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald sent out a request for people to film their day and upload it to them? The result, a feature film, Life in a Day, will debut in theaters one year to the day, July 24th, 2011, and the trailer’s now online:

Simple idea. Could turn out to be great. Or not. We’ll see soon enough. (No, I don’t remember what I was doing that day. Probably working. That would be a safe bet. And that, as New York Magazine points out, was the day of the ComicCon pencil stabbing, so some of you, and Chris, can pinpoint exactly what you were doing.  I hope it didn’t involve a sharp pencil…)

HT: New York Magazine’s Vulture

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  1. Laurie says:

    Completely unrelated to the previous thread (although, I’m so sorry for your loss), I saw it at SXSW and it was a really interesting film. During the Q&A afterward, the directors talked about how surprised they were that they found similar themes in so many people’s submissions. The film goes from midnight to midnight and it’s really touching to see how people all over the world spend their time. It’s really cool that they cut together different quality of footage and it actually works. There are a few families/people that show up throughout the film that kind of ties it together, but otherwise it’s just a bunch of different clips of what is happening around the world. I highly recommend it simply because it’s so experimental and a really cool idea.

  2. Gaff says:

    It’s all good.

  3. Kronos says:

    I’m such an ass, I feel absolutely terrible, please don’t hate me. Last apology, hate me if you will. I thought it was a poor taste style joke and reacted poorly.

  4. Kronos says:

    P.S. I need to read before I respond. I’m glad the film helped you through a tough spot. I’m glad that movies can stir emotions and bring people together. Again, my humblest apologies. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

  5. Kronos says:

    Sorry again, I honestly thought he was putting the movie down. The movie really spoke to me and has a positive feel so I took offense. They need to invent a sincere emoticon. However, why would you take offense from such an uplifting film in the first place. Happy time people, enjoy the burrito for Christ’s sake.

  6. No problem. And, yeah, it sounds like I’m going to want to see it.

  7. Crudnuggets. says:

    Sorry,I meant Perry. There I go again not reading by lines.

  8. Ryan says:

    Hey Chris, there are no staged moments. I saw it premiere live on YouTube a couple months ago. It was amazing. Oh and Goff, I’m so sorry.

  9. AAdam says:

    i shot some stuff for this movie and submitted it. Ultimately, I wasn’t one of the lucky few that got on the film, but the film looks touching and heartfelt. I shot footage of my (then) 6 year old brother hanging out after my parents divorce. We played mock soldiers and giant animals in the yard. I also caught a bit of our conversation on how he felt about the divorce. It was nice bonding experience and I cherish the footage.

  10. Gaff says:

    I liked the idea behind the film, and as difficult a time for me as that period was, for others clearly it was the time of their life.

    One guy near the end of the clip even says “best day of my life”. It made it a little easier for me, to know that as bad a time it was for me, others were having much more positive periods in their life.

    I wasn’t coming here to elicit sympathy, but simply to share with Nerdist folks because I know for the most part they are the salt of the earth and outstanding people.

    Like I said earlier, part of me dealing with this is being able to talk about it and not break down. It’s a slow process but I like to think I’m closer to the end than the beginning, although I don’t think it is something I will ever be completely over, nor should I be.

    Either way, I think I’ve crapped over this thread enough for one day.

  11. Gaff, sorry for your loss. I know from experience how someone saying “I know how you feel” seems hollow — there are uniquely personal elements to grieving that nobody else can truly know — but I hope that what we do here helps you through the toughest moments. It’s distressing when you discover that even the things you enjoy remind you in some way of your loss — my particular version is missing how my dad and I would call each other to watch the same basketball game on TV like we weren’t separated by 3,000 miles (and his birthday would have been this coming Monday… sigh) — but if we can bring a smile or pleasant thoughts to your life, that’s a good thing. I hope we do.

    Kronos, I know what you were thinking — I was hoping beyond hope that it wasn’t true, and hoping it WAS fake — but I’d rather err on the side of trust. Intemperate remarks happen, but compassion is usually the best way to go.

    And about the movie — if it’s a real depiction of “regular life” around the globe, I’m in. If it’s filled with staged moments or nothing but exceptional, unusual things, that might make for a “better movie” but it won’t be that interesting to me. I’m always more into what “real people” do than the tourist attractions and thrill rides….

  12. Gaff says:

    …why would you say something like that?

    It’s not something I go out of my way to think of or even mention, but as soon I saw the date mentioned in the post it was in my head and I figured I’d put it out there, because I am (slowly, very slowly) managing to get through it.

  13. Kronos says:

    P.S. If that were actually the case, I’m immensely sorry.

  14. Kronos says:

    I truly needed that. Oh, and guy before me, fuck off you piece of elephant excrement. Donkey punch yo mama. There, I feel even better

  15. Gaff says:

    Unfortunately I remember all too well what I was doing that day; my wife of 10 years had died the day before.

    It was a really rough time.