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See the Nerdist Podcast Live in San Francisco Saturday Night

Say, San Francisco, what are you doing this weekend?

No, besides that. That’s Sunday. How about Saturday night? Because what better way is there to prepare for the Big Game than seeing the Nerdist Podcast Live at the Marines Memorial Theatre Saturday night as part of SF Sketchfest, February 2nd at 7 pm?

Here’s the thing: There aren’t many tickets left, so if you want to see the guys, you gotta move fast. You can do that by clicking here to buy tickets. And then see the Nerdist Podcast Live on Saturday night, because even Colin Kaepernick would be there if he wasn’t otherwise occupied. Probably. Maybe. A good time for all is a safer bet than a David Akers field goal… okay, that bar isn’t set very high, but you know what I mean.

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  1. Maria says:

    Oh man, probably the best, most memorable night of my life! I’ve been with the nerdist from the start and have been wanting to see them for years. Best of all my quemment was answered after Chris climbed over the aisle and wound up basically in my lap lol. I was also thrilled to have met one of my favorite comedians, Pete Holmes! I was fortunate enough to receive one of his legendary Holmes Hugs. I am so incredibly happy and grateful 🙂

  2. JetpackBlues says:

    @Flaming Cherries: Was 2 rows in front of you. Loved how after he dove into your row, EVERY camera and phone came out to capture the event.

    Man, what a weekend. A wild Matt Mira sighting, W00tstock & Meltdown on Friday night, YMIW, Benson Interruption & Nerdist podcast live in the company of the wonderful Diane Martin & her mom, winding it all up with Mustache Harbor & Chris suited up as the Greatest American Hero.

    Believe it or not I AM walking on air! But my feet are killing me!

    Now to lay low and not get set on fire after the Gridiron sportsball championship.

  3. Flaming Cherries says:

    This show was so much fun. The best part for me was Chris’ comment about having his head up my friends skirt – she has wanted to meet him for years and now has been up close and personal.

  4. JetpackBlues says:

    Matt Mira spotted in Japantown smoking a Clove.

  5. Hey Jude says:

    Saw Chris in all of his hilarity at Nightlife last night and tomorrow promises to be just as great! SF loves The Nerdist!

  6. Ray Finkle says:

    Who’s the guest?