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Season 2, Ep. 1 of “Video Game High School”: Now

vghsLook what’s back: the first episode of Season 2 of Freddie Wong, Matt Arnold, Will Campos and Brian Firenzi’s Video Game High School is here. There’s a new, tough FPS coach (Cynthia Watros from Lost, Titus, and The Drew Carey Show), a cheating scandal, and a cameo from a comics legend. And a corn dog.  Yes, The Law is still lurking.

Freddie Wong told Nerdist, “I think that season 2 is something that we’re all incredibly proud of and we’re really excited because we think it represents a big step forward in terms of what can be done online and what’s being done online. We think that it can change people’s opinions about what a web series can be.”

Video Game High School is the training ground for elite gamers when video games become the world’s biggest sport. Gone are the days when DOTA and Starcraft II were enough to satiate the crowds hunger for competitive gaming and in this world you have to train to be the best. Video Game High School is where that training happens. Brian D has earned his place at VGHS, but in the world of competitive gaming you can’t stay on top forever. Get ready for another season with more Brian, more Jenny Matrix and a whole lot more action.

You can see a behind-the-scenes video here.  And a version with the video game sequences at 48fps is coming soon.

Read Nerdist’s interview with Freddie Wong and Matthew Arnold here.

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  1. RobbieS says:

    Love this show, hope they keep putting this up on Nerdist. The characters are great and everyone plays off each other so well. Plus Freddie Wong is the most nerdy cool guy ever!

  2. BrianD says:

    Check out season 1 at They also have the complete season on Netflix instant queue

  3. Kyle_C says:

    Why have I never heard of this show? I must now consume and support this show with all the Rubees in Hyrule. Where is season one? This almost made pee in my pants, hilarious and witty. All should watch especially anyone from the Pete and Pete generation.