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Wipe the blood from your teeth and get in the pit: it’s time for a recap of this week’s best hardcore, metal, and punk rock. We dug through the record crates to find the new tunes we think you need to spin and rage to. Looking for some new death metal to bring into your life? Got you covered. Need some grindcore to get your wedding reception off on the right foot? Say no more. Strap in kiddies, it’s time to rock.




Planes Mistaken for Stars are back with their first new album in 10 years! We somehow missed the fact that these dudes were even recording a new album, so this is an amazingly awesome surprise. Sure, we knew they had reunited and played some shows over the years, but there was no big “WE ARE OFFICIALLY BACK!” until now. Prey is due October 21st from our BFFs at Deathwish Inc. and we are so freaking excited. You can listen to the first premiere track, “Fucking Tenderness” below and jam out to some of that Planes Mistaken for Stars post-hardcore goodness. The song sounds like the sound the band cultivated on Mercy is continuing on Prey, but this feels a bit more raw and emotional. And that guitar! Love, love, love it. Check out “Fucking Tenderness” and get hyped for Prey.

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Wolves&Wolves&Wolves&Wolves make some dirty and unflinching punk rock. Case in point, “Always the Rebel” off of their upcoming album The Cross And The Switchblade. This is damn good stuff: rough-edged melodic punk that will be stuck in your head for days. The lyrics for “Always the Rebel” hit us right in the feels, too. “Just give me one chance to make things right!” they growl and you kinda want to weep and just say “I get it, man. I get being the outcast and the loner.” Since we’ve had the pleasure of listening to the full album, we’ll tell you that all of The Cross And The Switchblade is this great and you should most definitely be pre-ordering it. We’re already prepared to put this record on our Top Ten of the Year list, and given how rad the output has been from everybody this year, that’s saying something.

What’s that you say? Another new Every Time I Die song? Damn, sign us up. This one’s probably the catchiest track to come off of Low Teens thus far, filled with some great vocals and melodies. It’s still a ripper of a track that builds to an angry and intense breakdown, the sort of thing Every Time I Die does better than just about anybody. It gives us goosebumps and gets us so hyped to hop in the pit with these guys this fall. Low Teens is less than month away and we aching for it so hard. Our bodies are ready Every Time I Die. Bring the hurt.

Here’s a band called Quick Piss. With name like that, you can probably guess what you are about to experience. This band plays low-fi punk-infused garage rock and it’s cool as hell. We’ve got the exclusive on the track “Southside and Gomorrah,” so take a listen below. It’s a fuzzy, angry track that sums up what Quick Piss is all about in less than three minutes. Their album, Rock ‘N’ Roll Impotence, comes out in September and it’s a winner for sure. It has a sound that captures that “recorded in your friends garage” feel with a hint of surf rock, post-punk, and plenty of angst. Look, the band is called Quick Piss, so you know what you’re going to get, right? They’re not shooting for big radio play here: they want to be cranked at full volume from your tape deck player. We can’t help but oblige them.

Need some atmosphere? Something that sounds huge and all consuming, the kind of heavy that fills a room and tugs on your soul? Check out SubRosa’s new album For This We Fought the Battle of Ages. It’s a huge record that is all at once deeply personal and massively etheric, the sort of music that takes you somewhere and demands you peer inside. It’s at times crushing, only to whip away a moment later and soar into beautiful and spacey realms of darkness. It’s good, really good, and you should give it a listen. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a road trip into the unknown. Just get in the car, crank this to 11, and drive. It’ll take you places.


Need even more moody and consuming darkness? Well, there’s a new Esben and the Witch track that’s a nightmare of a head trip (which is a compliment). Epically beautiful and filled with grace and doom, Esben and the Witch are in a class all their own. I mean, to release a 13-minute long track as your first single from a new album? A 13-minute long track that wisps and buzzes about without a chorus? Not a lot of bands can pull that off, but Esben and the Witch demand your attention. Listen long enough and they’ll haunt your dreams, filling your head with an escapable night. We’re excited to hear more from this band and when their album hits on November 2nd, you better believe we’re picking it up.


Lastly, check out the video for Gatecreeper’s “Desperation.” These Arizona heavyweights grind and grind hard. There’s no grace here, no beauty, just crushing riffs and fierce growling. Gatecreeper wallow in ugliness and grim, and this video is a showcase for that. You like your metal to punch you in the face until you are bloody and broken? Gatecreeper is your band. If Satan and a bunch of bears started a band, it’d probably sound something like this.

That’s it for this week. Go forth; throw some horns up and keep spinning in the black circle. If there’s a metalcore, grindcore, hardcore, or any other core song you think the world needs to hear, sound off in the comments below. \m/

Image: Planes Mistaken For Stars/Deathwish Inc.

Gif: Teen Titans GO!/ Cartoon Network

Benjamin Bailey writes for the Nerdist and can be found on Twitter talking about Godzilla, comic books, and hardcore music.

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