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Sara Jean Ulalawood

From today’s Attack of the Show! Even if you don’t know “Ulala” from the old Sega game Space Channel 5 you’d be foolish to pretend that this isn’t a radtastic costume.

I know, I know. I look like Sara Underwood’s agent or something.

Wait a minute. Underwood…Hardwick…our last names are dirty-sounding. #snicker #HashtaggingOutsideTwitter

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  1. Brandon says:

    At first I thought she was suppose to be the chick from Lazytown(not like I know what that is or anything) anyways but that Is an awesome costume of Ulala. Aww the good ol’ days of Sega

  2. tomuon says:

    nudist & nerdist

  3. Charles Lovett says:

    Know what, you two should get married and keep half your last names.
    Suggestion, Mr. and Mrs. “Hardwood”

  4. Chris, Shave or grow a beard already. It looks like you have a shoe polish hobo beard.

  5. Patti says:

    Nice photo! Sarah looks adorable, and you look rather suave, Chris. I missed yesterday’s AOTS because I was too busy going to see Weird Al in concert last night! I mentioned how I made Hard N’ Phirm cookies to Al when I met him backstage after the show. 🙂 I did make him a Weird Al cookie, of course. Anyway, maybe I can catch a repeat, or watch that segment on the G4 site.

  6. CXRengel says:

    I actually knew the actress who did the voice of “Ulala”. Her name was “Apollo Smile” and she was a performance artist from New York who was known as the “live-action anime-girl”. (I think she retired from doing that now.)

  7. Bryan says:

    It’s strange to think of Space Channel 5 as a “old Sega game” as opposed to Altered Beast or Ecco the Dolphin. Wait, was there a lady in that photo?

  8. Miles S. says:

    Looking sharp there Big C!

  9. Beth says:

    Well I think Big C looks pretty good, if I’m honest. Not his best shot, but still not bad!

  10. Ray Dickerson says:

    I hate to be the tool who has to say it, but:
    You look less like her “manager” and more like her Eastern European “Escort Service” Pimp.

    She’s too adorable to have a pimp, though.

  11. Vincent S says:

    ^Back in my Day

    No sir, you are not. Such an awesome thing back in Ye Olde XPlay.

  12. Wesley Marshall says:

    I use hash tags outside of twitter on Facebook and in life, and my friends get pissed. #WhatIsWithThem #AmIRight #IShouldStop #OneMoreSorry

  13. Mike Wood says:

    She was cute today. You do make a good sidekick for her. Ulalawood and TieMan. 🙂

  14. Alan says:

    Is it just me or is there an evil bunny photo-bombing you two on the left side?

    And yea, I guess I did look past the hot girl to notice that…#I’mnotgay

  15. DefconDan says:

    You lucky Stiffwick you!!

  16. MAXimiliano says:

    HARDWOOD! The Hard & Phirm cover band.

  17. Team UNDERWICK!…wait

  18. Adam says:

    Go team HARDWOOD

  19. Gabriel says:

    Man, your girlfriend must be really cool. You are always around these super hot chicks. My wife would freak out.

  20. Swhitmore says:

    No offense to Janet but, HardWood… Make it happen Big C… lol

  21. Zenergi says:

    Hardwick is in this picture?

  22. Mike Mc says:

    Underwood & Hardwick. Sounds like a cheeky classic from the 80’s like Hart to Hart or something. Go solve mysteries while bantering flirtatiously!

  23. Sayla says:

    Next time you two should switch outfits. I mean, a girl in a suit? HILARIOUS.

  24. Jak3 says:

    Space Channel 5 is awesome. Chris you should have been dressed like a Michael Jackson’s zombie corpse to be in cannon with game.

  25. IndieScent says:

    Space Channel 5 is probably one of my favorite games ever! That’s a pretty rad costume, and you’re not looking too bad yourself (Big C)!

  26. Audrey says:

    “Oh-la-la’s Swingin Report Show!” “up, right, left, down, SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!!!” man I miss that.

  27. thats just… thats just not fair.