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A photo surfaced on the PlayStation forums last night showing what appeared to be E3 documents outlining the plan for the upcoming Uncharted game. The docs not only showed the title for the game as Uncharted: The Battle Of The Gravelines, but they also suggested that the game would support PlayStation’s VR headset, Morpheus. The PlayStation forum thread has since been deleted. Here’s a look at the docs up close:

So let’s stroke our chins on this one for a bit. Why does this title seem like it may be legit? Well, if you think back to the Uncharted reveal trailer shown the night of the PS4’s release, you’ll remember the clearly rancorous tone being of the voice narrating. Many assume that this someone is a person with a grudge against Sir Francis Drake and is thus taking their issues out on our pal Nathan. However, “The Battle of The Gravelines” would indicate that the game takes place in Northern France, and given that the map shown in the reveal trailer showed off areas around Madagascar, it’s difficult to put a finger on whether or not this document is the real deal.

Of course, this very well may be yet another one of this troll-packed internet’s many elaborate hoaxes. If there’s anything we should be talking about today, it’s Naughty Dog co-president Evan Well’s tweet from earlier, which featured Sackboy Drake, Sackboy Joel, Sackgirl Ellie, and a keenly placed PS4 box with Naughty Dog’s logo on it. Clever dogs you are indeed.


What do you make of this news? Would you like to see Nathan Drake take a trip to Northern France? Let us know in the comments below.

[HT: PlayStation Forums]

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  1. Hoss says:

    I’ll be buying a PS4 just for this title when it finally arrives.  Next to God of War (and what a disappointing turn that series has taken) this is the only franchise I’m loyal to anymore.

  2. Winscar_shinobi says:

    Box looks insanely similar to last of us ps4 box. Naughty dog on bottom right,  ellies arm, holding a rifle. Top right of box looks like the award accolade border.