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Rumor: AMAZON To Unveil Game Console April 2

There’s a possibility that a new challenger will enter the console showdown this week, as rumors have been circulating about an Amazon-manufactured video game system being revealed in New York on April 2nd. Amazon just shot out invites to a press event earlier today, and folks are speculating that this rumored console will finally be brought to light during the proceedings.

The console apparently won’t be the normal set-top box that gamers have become use to, but rather a dongle that folks will be able to plug into their television sets with which they will be able to stream game and video content.  The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that Amazon would ship a video-streaming device sometime in April after images of an Amazon bluetooth controller surfaced on Dave Zatz’s website just before.

Judging by the designs of the controller – and the inclusion of a play, pause, forward and rewind button on the bottom – I think there’s a pretty good chance that all of the rumors we’ve been hearing are fairly accurate. How do you think an Amazon console would impact the gaming market? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

HT: Dave Zatz, The Wall Street Journal

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  1. gorillahands says:

    This may be an April Fool’s thing, but the idea of ditching a console in favor of a streaming gaming service that goes directly to your TV is the future. Sony already has this in the works for their Vaio TVs (and I’m sure with the Morpheus tech), so there may be no actual PS5 console, instead you just stream games once they get the lag problem all ironed out.

  2. I thought this got announced a while back? …with the same picture.

  3. Nothing says:

    True, the $$$$$$ consoles from Sony and M$oft look really good on our bank accounts.

  4. sean says:

    April Fools with that ugly thing.

  5. leigh says:

    Wow, that is beyond hideous. Makes the Ouya look attractive.

  6. Alan says:

    Is this an April Fool’s joke?

  7. Dan says:

    I don’t know. Is there any way they could make the controller bigger and blockier?