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Role-Playing With Chris ‘n’ Wil on “TableTop”

The latest episode of Geek and Sundry’s celebrity table game show TableTop has host Wil Wheaton bringing some role playing action to the table with the pen-and-paper version of Dragon Age, and, appropriately enough, his guests include his old, dear friend and fellow RPG enthusiast, one Chris Hardwick. Yes, our own Chris joins actors Kevin Sussman (The Big Bang Theory) and Sam Witwer (Being Human) and game designer Chris Pramas in the analog edition of the video game. Somehow, Chris manages to turn his character into The Fonz. Aaaaaaayyyyy….

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  1. RedNightmare says:

    strange how people are saying Chris wasn’t into it, cause I saw in him the type of player every group knows: The player that wants to do something completely silly for the heck of it. Reminded me a bit of Mike Krahulik and Jim Darkmagic.
    That’s the best part about RPG’s everyone enjoys it in their own way.

  2. blackspinner says:

    None of you people loot the corpses? …strange.

  3. Damblin says:

    Agree with vjj. Hardwick seemed really disinterested in being um nerdy. Meanwhile handsome actor dude was all about it. Maybe Chris was having an off day? Disappoint.

  4. tsujoi says:

    I really wish this was one big long episode. Can’t wait for next week!

  5. vjj says:

    No wonder most people prefer to have computers do all the drudge computations in RPGs.

    Chris’ heart clearly wasn’t in it.

  6. Susan Silver says:

    Aww, Chris plays the same way do. I guess there really is one of us in every group. It is just another reason why the game can appeal to so many different people. I love character creation and then getting to play the concept behind them in game.

  7. CJ says:

    AHHH I want to watch this right now, but I have to wait for my wife to get home from work. She’d kill me if I watched TableTop without her.

  8. DM420 says:

    Just finished watching it, epic table top goodness! *makes Smell check*