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ROBOT CHICKEN’S BREAKING BAD Rap Is About Cooking up Breakfast

What was Breaking Bad really about? Was it a show mainly about selling drugs? Or was it about the real cost of human lives needed to build a criminal empire? Maybe it was simply about the destruction of a family, or the descent of a good man to evil.

Nope. All wrong. Not even close. Anybody that watched Breaking Bad knows that the show was primarily about eating breakfast. They cooked more breakfast than they did crystal meth; they ate more breakfast on that show than most people will ever eat in their entire lives. And there were only 62 total episodes.

In this Breaking Bad rap from Robot Chicken, which we first watched at Laughingsquid, Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, and RJ Mitte all showed up to lend their voices to a song that wasn’t concerned with who knocked or who had to die for Heisenberg to rule the Southwest drug trade, but rather with the most important meal of the day.

My favorite meal is when the day begins
Yeah I’m all about that breakfast, it’s my jam
I’m talking turkey sausage, eggs, bacon, and ham
In the mood for pancakes? Uh–I am
I come in for Continental, throw back a grand slam

While Jesse Pinkman does show up, that’s not actually Aaron Paul voicing him.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a day in the White household without Skylar yelling at someone. I also forgot how much I hated that Walt Jr. wanted to be called Flynn.

But I do kind of want waffles now.

Besides breakfast, what other running gag on Breaking Bad was your favorite? Cook up your answers in the comments below.

Image: Robot Chicken

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