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Rob Zombie Taps The Nerdist for "Halloween 2" Cast

“…but there was already a Halloween II,” a film nerd would say. Yes, yes we all know that. This is the sequel to Rob Zombie’s Halloween Remake from 2007 which hopefully will be out later this year. As the news has popped up on Rob’s blog, I suppose it’s okay to further spill the horror beans. I love Rob, both as an artist and a person and I’m super exicted to be working with him again as an actor. The last time, you may or may not know, was nine years ago and he had me carved up like a choice deli meat in House of 1000 Corpses. No word as to whether or not I will brutally murdered in H2. What I CAN tell you is that my character’s name is David Newman, which really doesn’t give you much information at all. Unless you bet some crazy millionaire that a character named David Newman would pop up in a horror sequel. In that case, huzzah!

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  1. Dave says:

    Yay! Only one week to go. Rob and his lovely wife were on the Stern show last Thursday–always a great interview. Anyway, a belated congrats on being in the movie–looking forward to seeing it.

  2. Si says:

    Hey chris,
    Don’t give up on the beard man, leave the skin ripping action to the zombies! the irritation will go away after a week and the longer (in time and space) you grow the beard the fuller it will look as not all hairs are born equal.

  3. The best thing about the idea of a comedy killing joke off is that Mike Myers might even be down for that kind of skit. It’s just something that might spark an interest with him. He would need to win though, Canadians hate to lose. Just don’t challenge him to a game of hockey, I am sure he would check your brittle bones into dust.


  4. Sally says:

    I’d say your chances of David Newman living are about 50/50. If you were playing another Jerry, you’d have no hope. The Jerry always dies.

  5. xTony says:

    I guess you could distract Michael with a robot dinosaur. Can’t wait to see how David Newman gets involved with him.

  6. Chris Hardwick says:

    Thanks, all! You guys are the best. And yes, mom, I’m sure horror fans everywhere would love for David Newman to be able to kill people with jokes (though that is the exact premise for perhaps the best Monty Python sketch ever) and even to defeat Michael Myers with a particularly ribald witticism.

  7. RadNerd says:

    congrats duder!!! 09 is gonna be pure win.

  8. Chris' Mom says:

    Oh, no! I’m still having nightmares from seeing my Baby Boy carved up in House of 1000 Corpses…what could Rob have in store for me this time? Please, Rob, can’t Dave Newman just be some kind of bad comedian who “kills” with his jokes? Yikes!

  9. Rudy says:

    Congratcha-malations Chris! I was already excited for the sequel but now I will need an excite-o-meter that dials up to 13.

    Here’s hoping for some really awesome showdown with you and Michael Meyers. The power of of science vs evil. Or would it be the power of nerd…? Kick-ass news. =D

  10. celo820 says:

    YES! I love the Halloween series especially Zombie’s take. And now that YOUR going to be in it this going to b aweeesooomme. But it is pretty safe to say that you are going to die, have you seen michael myers? He does not let anyone live except the main character which are girls. But when you are running in fear from him i will be cheering you on sayin ”RUN HARDWICK RUN!’

  11. freality says:


  12. Murphy1d says:

    Dammit! The bet was Dave Newman! Frickin Technicalities…

  13. kerry says:


    p.s. i can now no longer eat deli meat….today.