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Road Game

Here’s a guy who’s planning to be shipped in a museum crate from Arkansas to Oregon, July 1st through 7th, while communicating solely through playing Lord of the Rings Online.  Jordan Wayne Long will be playing as “Adanwings” on the Meneldor server, in case you want to go looking for him. You’ll also be able to follow his progress in the game on his blog (where another LOTRO character, “Townsfolk,” is blogging about his character) and through Twitter.  It all ends with his arrival and, er, performance at Fourteen30Contemporary in Portland on July 7th.

Why is he doing this? First thing is that he’s described as a “performance and video artist,” so, um, it’s art, I guess. Second, he says he’s studying Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and how people with PTSD cope by escaping into online worlds.

He tried to raise funds for this through Kickstarter and fell short, but he posted a video there with some of his other work:

I suppose you could also look at this as a statement in general about ALL obsessive MMORPG players. But most of them don’t do it in a crate being hauled across the country.

HT: Kotaku

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  1. angela robinson says:

    thought you might find this amusing …

  2. Kevin Dark says:

    I see a water container with about 2.5 gallons capacity. I see cushions for sleeping. A computer, airholes, and a jar of what looks like cotton or maybe some kind of food stuff. What I don’t see is any vessel for deficating or urinating. I understand if he thinks he can go 6 days without pooping, which is possible as long as he doesn’t eat anything for a few days before the trip and cleans himself out, but he’ll need to drink water and he’ll need to pee. So he’s either going to pee himself and just sit in his own dried urine, or he’s going to pee in that little jar. Either way add this to the list of stupid things white people with too much money and time do.

  3. ghosttart says:

    he’s obviously never heard that Velvet Undergound song “The Gift” where the guy ships himself to his girlfriend with disasterous results

  4. Eric C. says:

    I don’t see a bucket/bathroom in there. Maybe an air hole will perform double duty? Doodie. (couldn’t resist)

  5. That box piece he did reminds me of that awesome movie Cube. David Hewlett was awesome in that movie.

  6. Bill Tackett says:

    Two words: heat stroke.

  7. Wade says:

    My first thought was, isn’t this illegal? People have gotten in trouble for this kind of stuff before. Until I read on his blog that his friends are actually driving him in the crate. He’s not technically “being shipped” to Oregon. Weird, but whatever. Dude should level up like a motherfucker.

  8. Robin Burks says:

    Yeah, I like my video games, but still… nope.

  9. eric says:

    is that a bottle of sugar in the bottom left of his crate?