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In the coming weeks, a Nerdist social network called “The Node” shall be slowly crawling its way online. One of the focuses of the site will be Nerdsourcing, or crowdsourcing with nerds. Essentially, I believe nerds to be capable of pretty much anything they put their OCD minds to. I want to harness this power for GOOD. No, it won’t always involve promoting a thing for me. Usually it will involve helping others, meeting like-minded nerds or just creating general nonsense for the hell of it. Beta testing invites will go out soon, so stay tuned to this site the way you would a television channel that was about to flash the antidote for the poison you just drank.

After a couple of tremendously successful experiments with the promotion of my stand-up shows with Street Teams, I have decided to make it an official thing from now on! The main complaint was that the name “Street Team” sounded like I was trying to promote a 90s hip hop radio station, so all regional promotion teams shall henceforth be known as NODE WARRIORS. This has been an invaluable way to test out the mechanics of the forums on The Node so if you decide to enlist as a Node Warrior you will receive an immediate invite to the site, as well as tickets to the show and a fun meet-up with myself and the other Warriors. YOU MIGHT EVEN MAKE A FRIEND.

So here are upcoming dates that are in need of your arty, promote-y skills:

Carolines Comedy Club
Aug 12-15

Cap City Comedy
Aug 18-21

Aug 25-28

If you’re available and interested please send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “PICK ME IN [insert city].”

Thank you, Nerdizens! I look forward to Noding with you!

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  2. Mathias Overstreet says:

    I’d like to node it up, kind sirs.

  3. Koowie says:

    I’m all for more procrastination time!

  4. You should come to youngstown for my own selfishness and lack of transport. 😀

  5. It’s really humid and the metal studs on dudes’ A|X graphic tee’s may blind you, but please look into performing in south Florida. Thanks!

  6. adamj says:

    I totally hope i get picked for a philly show. I cant wait to see some sweet sweet comedy, good sirs!

  7. ^ is afraid of commitment but wants a shiny invites to The NODE!

  8. my-name-here says:

    I hate living in the middle of buttfucking nowhere.

    I wanna make friends too…

  9. amerah says:

    @EAST @languageandhumor Dudes nerdfighters yeah! I knew there had to be some here. Anyway yeah, this reminded me of the Nerdfighter Ning as well.

  10. Join now:

  11. East: Ning itself isn’t by the Brothers Green; it’s a site where anyone can set up a community as a subdomain. Nerdfighters have one, as do Youtubers Happyslip and Rhett & Link (and many other groups).

    Chris: I’m glad the term Node Warriors is catching on. I just hope the team doesn’t neglect reaching out to the undermarketed post-apocalyptic desert-wasteland mohawked biker football barbarian community.

  12. Jennifer says:

    …Nashville is waiting…

    *picks nose*

  13. Dan says:

    This wanna-be node warrior is standing by in D.C.

  14. I bet Cleveland would love you too! There’s a… great underground comedy scene here… err… yeah! Damn, I can’t sell the lies. I tried! BUT IF YOU EVER DO! Let me know, I will warrior-ify.

  15. N17pr says:

    I feel like Node Warrior should be a Starcraft 2 protoss unit. You know… cause they use nodes….

  16. Felicia says:

    Hey Chris
    I send you an email about Phoenix but I see you’ve already addressed the question here, so nevermind.
    Please include us… please??
    Phoenix loves you.

  17. Sawyer says:

    Whoo! For a social network. I’m all for something that’ll help me procrastinate (even more).
    Are you recruiting for node warriors outside the US too, or is it just an american thing for now?

  18. Chris Hardwick says:

    Joel: YES! Just shoot me an email.

    ham: I’m sure there will be a PHX date at some point!

    East: Hadn’t heard of nerdfighters but just checked it out. Looks super cool! Thanks for the link.

  19. melissa says:

    i’m a little uncomfortable with the word node and i’m not entirely sure why yet. maybe because “define:node” = “any thickened enlargement “..

  20. Rise of the Node Warriors sounds like the subtitle for Terminator 5. If it turns out that Terminator 5: Rise of the Node Warriors is actually made, I know a certain someone who I would nominate to play the role of Engineer #2!

  21. Hoseham says:

    What about PHX?!? I wanna Node! Mom said I could have it! Don’t be a Node-ist! Equality for all! Why am I yelling?!?

  22. East says:

    The Node sounds an awful lot like the Ning, the social networking site the Vlogbrothers set up to connect the Nerdfighters.

  23. Joel says:

    Chris! – will the previous Street Team members be eligible for NODE Warrior status? I was part of the Seattle team, would leave to help out and join the ranks of NODE Warriors! eh?

  24. Matt Storm says:

    Sent you an email for nyc as well 🙂 Hope to hear back!

  25. Anthony says:

    I totally just emailed y’all for the NYC thing. hopefully I win at this thing and then work for free….wait…what!