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RIP: David Lance Arneson

geeksaladThe world has lost another great nerd. David Lance Arneson, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons has passed away and I’m sure he would have wanted his obituary to claim that he failed to make his saving throw against cancer (well, maybe not). Having lost Gary Gygax last year, I couldn’t help but feel a flood of D&D memories spewing into my brain like the acid attack from an Elemental Drake. I’m pretty sure I got my D&D books around 1981, the same year I got my TRS-80 computer, an Atari 2600 and a Darth Vader helmet case for all of my Star Wars action figures. It was a banner nerd year.

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  1. That is something extremely sad

  2. ghostsam says:

    ….a kobold in paladin armor…dear sweet gods hardwick…the mental images lol

  3. Vince says:

    I love the Atari 2600 mention. I loved my Atari 2600. And my Atari 2600XL.

  4. snif snif… something new?

  5. Nice comment Michael, I share some of it

  6. Thanks for that great article. I still play D&D every week, mostly twice a week. Wednesday nights and Sundays nights. I have been playing the same character for almost 6 years now and I see no signs of slowing down anytime soon. I have the same set of books that you do, since we are like the same age, and I my collection of roleplaying books is bordering on the ridiculous. I have similar memories, but I don’t play D&D with some of the funniest people in the world, except for me and my friend Ryan, but we do have a good time.

    Ever since that day back in seventh grade when I cracked my first Players Handbook, it’s all been uphill since then. I don’t have the dice fetish of Wil Wheaton, but I do have half a drawer full of them. You know you’re a serious roleplayer when you have “favorite” and or “lucky” dice, when in reality they are all the fucking same you silly nerd.

    Again thanks for the memories and I’ll be making more on Wednesday night this week. If you find yourself hanging around the Twin Cities come join us for a game. Otherwise cherish the memories and roll a silent twenty for the most recent passing of nerd royalty. May God cast a gentle sleep spell upon you. God Bless Dave….


  7. Feeling blue thanks to this…

  8. Deltus says:

    *pours out a healthy shot on the ground from a 40 of Jolt Cola*

    I rolled a d20 for Sadness, and came up a 10. Peace, bro, and may all your accoutrements in heaven be mithril.

  9. Regularkarate says:

    He taught game-design at the school I went to for film. I would often see him in the halls, he truly was the king of nerds there.

  10. marm says:

    “D.Arneson: Failed to make his saving throw against cancer” is right up there w/ “M.Crichton: At least it wasn’t the Andromeda strain” on the list of things that I imagine are generally thought but not written, due to aversions to the tragically delightful.

    (It’s delightful nonetheless, though as a math/fantasy fan/girl, I have the feeling my data point may not be w/in 6-sigma of the norm.)

  11. Dumblond says:

    What a great article.
    While I do not understand the pull of D&D (at all), I admire your passion for it.