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Rifftrax Guys Added to 11p Nerdist Podcast @ SDCC!!!


YES!!! Rifftraxers and former Mystery Science Theater 3000ers Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett will join Kevin Pereira as guests for our added Nerdist Podcast Live show at San Diego Comic-con this Saturday night at 4th & B!!! I freaked out a little (translation: A LOT) when they wrote back and said, “We’d LOVE to do this! Why, you are our puppet-master, Chris Hardwick!” (I may have added that second part)

See them do bits at W00tstock on Thursday and then hear their incredible and hilarious stories at the Nerdist Podcast on Saturday! And if that tweren’t enough, there may still be a surprise guest or two!


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  1. smartbunny says:

    Don’t let Mike’s Asian girlfriend steal your keyboard!

  2. Dan says:

    Don’t let Mike touch the podcasting equipment! He had a horrible time with the Hubble…

  3. Blarr says:

    Question: hav you guys ever thought about making The Nerdist Podcast laptop stickers?

  4. Blarr says:

    Question: hav you guys ever thought about making The Nerdistpodcast laptop stickers?

  5. Robert says:

    I’m gonna see these guys at w00tstock

  6. Chad H says:

    I’d pay a $50 convenience charge to be there for both shows, I however live on the east coast and therefore can not attend. I do hope that Chris will release both podcasts asap after the shows and not stick to the normal format just this once, as my raging nerd boner (that’s an awful visual) will not be able to contain itself that long. I’ve been waiting for Big C to have the rifftrax guys on forever.

  7. Gabe says:

    It is required by law that this gets recorded properly. You will go to prison if there is a single error. But seriously, why are people asking if it will be recorded when it says it’s a Nerdist podcast live. Podcast is the key word here guys.

  8. Lyn says:

    Love the idea, but a $9 convenience charge is insane.

  9. erik2690 says:

    id also like to know if theses sdcc shows will be up on at some point in the future?

  10. Three Toes of Fury says:

    Chris…seriously….when you got Gaiman i did a post about you reading my mind to pick the perfect guests. Now you come up with the Rifftrax crew? [email protected]##king-believable!! I cannot WAIT to hear this one. I will be listening with my home-constucted pefect replica of Tom Servo. (#geek-brag, #MST-Fan-4-life, #[email protected]#$ing-idea-what-hash-tagging-is).

    Peace .n. We’ve Got Movie Signnnnnnn!

    PS: Ask Kevin about Tom’s missing Corn-beef-hash from the MST movie.

  11. Ethan says:

    Oh man the awesome in that room well reach deadly levels.

  12. Adam Lister says:

    I think I just crapped myself. Best guest choice ever.

  13. Josh says:

    My heart just stopped. This MUST be recorded!

  14. eric says:

    All you need is Joel, and the circle will be complete!

  15. Charles S says:

    PLEASE tell me this will be recorded for the podcast!