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REVIEW: The New iPod Shuffle

I never like to harsh on anything too much because I don’t want people to feel bad about their products, but this new Shuffle refresh is somewhat baffling to me.

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  1. Anman Manwell says:

    Chris you’re totally right. It can easily be misplaced and lost. Why does the shuffle have to be so small anyway? I have a Nano 3G and that is small enough. Everyone who is reading this find a Nano 3G secondhand and enjoy.

  2. Stevie says:

    What a gimmick! You know how after a while, earphones only work on one side? Even if you go through the trouble of not losing the tiny thing… once the earphones go, you’re screwed.

    And I agree- the placement of the controls is just awkward. But makes it possibly easier to break?? Hmm?

  3. Apple needs to be put in it’s place lately. They like to rest on their accomplishments at times and in order for them to get it in gear you have to kick them in the ass a little bit. I think this new design is total piece of crap. What is wrong with the old iPod shuffle? I loved that design. Just make it bigger and keep the same iPod. I didn’t hear ANYBODY complaining about that old design, why fix something if it isn’t broken?

    Go back to the old design and give us 4GB and 8GB and they would sell millions of them.


  4. Lexie says:

    I’d be worried I would break it honestly…heck I’ve been known to break regular iPods unintentionally so that would cause me some anxiety…

  5. kerry says:

    updating stuff just for the sake of updating stuff?? apple???? they never do that, never! pshaw, i say.

    i’d use the new shuffle to clip all my money together.

    p.s. – missin’ the beard 🙁

  6. Johnny Oz says:


    Glad you reviewed it though, I always find these useful.

  7. Mynando says:

    I too was very unimpressed w/ the updated Shuffle. I was actually looking at when I first saw it and laughed at the description on how to use it. This is a step back for the Shuffle and for general design & use.

  8. BeauRyan says:

    i agree, it’s a choking hazard.

  9. @ that tiny ass size why even bother making the device separate from the headphones. Just shorten the cord and just integrate it into the split to left to right.

    I am also a apple fanboy too but it does seem they are parodying themselves to. Reminds me of SNL Ipod Invisa Skit.