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REVIEW: Sony G3 WiFi Camera


10.1 Megapixels, 3.5″ LCD touch screen AND built-in WiFi so you can upload pictures of your cat in the sink directly the Web. HOW DID I LIKE IT??? Now YOU KNOW that would defeat the purpose of posting a talkie video if I told you that…

Image: Sony

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  1. mackie says:

    i have one of those and i love it, kinda

    I was listening to ces

  2. gene says:

    Boy, the two of you … four legs and everything.

  3. Jaime says:

    “The tricky part is getting your pics onto the web”

    I never knew. lolz

  4. Auditioning for the Taint…very nice. It’s a good thing you aren’t playing a taint during childbirth, you might get a little torn up.

    I like the beard but you look like you’ve been sleeping in a Frigidaire box for the past five days. Well who knows, maybe on your days off you like to sleep under a bridge, reciting the lyrics to RHCP’s “Under The Bridge” over and over again. You just look a little rough.

    As far as the camera goes, holy crap that’s expensive. You can almost buy a digital SLR with that kind of money. Those tiny cameras have never been very good with low light shooting. I don’t claim to be a professional photographer or anything (actually if I am anything professional, it’s a professional masturbator, but that’s another story altogether) but those little lenses can’t collect enough light to take good low light pictures. Nice LCD screen though.

    Thanks for the advice on the camera and if you are going for the hobo/celebrity look, well congratulations, you’re almost there. Just a little less grooming and neglect and you’ll have it. You can do it.

    I am only jealous on the rough look and being able to pull it off. When I start to grow a beard, I look like a transient who rides trains for a living. I am pathetic looking. You pull the look off well my friend. Keep up the great site and I am sorry you lost the role of the Taint. At least you were as hairy as some I have seen…