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REVIEW: Paintballin’ Guns! [southern accent]Yug yug yug![/southern accent]

What’s more fun than firing guns with a lady??? Ultimately I guess sleeping with her. The SECOND most fun thing probably still wouldn’t be firing a gun. That’d be like a half hour of oral or something. But definitely the third would be the gun-firing thing. Here’s Ms. Munn & I with a roundup of some cool paintballin’ gear.

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  1. A half hour of oral from a chick would take some serious amounts of lip balm and body replenishing eletrolytes to not be seriously sore the next morning, not to say that it wouldn’t be worth, but man that might sting. My boys would look like a shriveled up set of raisins. Those babies are only used to firing once or maybe twice a night, so they set themselves up with limited ammo, but during a half hour of mouth spelunking, I would surely fire more than twice.

    Yeah those guns look pretty sweet. I am more of a Grenade launcher than a sniper rifle though. Yeah pun was definitely intended.


  2. Jaz says:

    Nie beard, Chris, goes well with your Village People shades. OH! I went there!

    Hehheh, seriously though, good gadget pron segment.

  3. Brooke says:

    Yeah that was common and inappropriate of me . . .

    I’m comfortable with that 😛

  4. I take her up on that offer Chris. It’s not everyday a girl offers 30 minutes of oral on the internet. Oh wait…yeah it is everyday, but I would still consider the offer. Unless she means 30 minutes of oral on her, which might be nice too, but not as nice as a half hour concert on the skin flute.


  5. Brooke says:

    Nice guns, but I’d take the half hour of oral w Chris 😉

  6. dani says:

    lol johnny 😀

  7. Chris you look bad ass in that gear. you could totally take Christen Bale’s place in the new Terminator, and you could just shoot paint balls at the lighting guy for getting in the shot instead of a verbal smack down.

  8. Johnny Oz says:


    Comic Con ’09?

  9. dani says:

    i would like to shoot a gun with you chris. lol. =3

  10. Holy shit, a half hour of oral would be better than firing a gun with a chick. That nearly killed me. I didn’t see that coming (no pun intended).

    What about three hours of dry humping, like in junior high, or heavy petting, or even the five knuckle shuffle on the old piss pump, from a lady? Don’t those come before firing a gun with a girl? I guess every nerd has their list of interesting things to do with women. But firing a gun with a chick is up there, it’s just like seven or eight for me.

    Great gadget PrON. I love that segment and Olivia always makes it more fun. She seems like a pretty great person. It must be fun to work with her on a show as cool as AOTS. Lucky bastard.


  11. Johnny Oz says:

    Hahahahaha that was great!

    Thanks for posting, Chris. Gear looked awesome. B-)