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REVIEW: Kindle 2-‘spensive

The Kindle 2 is beautiful to look at, but like all pretty things it’s just too expensive.

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  1. apeminkie says:

    Partner a keen eye and my ability to act like an immature 10-year-old…but at 2:36, the word “Sh*t” is uncensored.

    At any rate, great review.

  2. I agree, I preferred my books without DRM, please, and also able to be read, maybe by a computer.

  3. Ripley says:

    Just so you’ll know, Amazon has released a client for the iPhone that you can get from the iTunes App store. It syncs all your Amazon books across all Kindle devices, so you’ll go to the last page you were reading on any of them. Of course, you’ll need a Kindle and Amazon account to do this . . . .

  4. cool but expensive.

  5. James E. says:

    Good review! Looks slick, but man, that price tag.

    And when did AOTS change from the 90% rating to X out of 5?

  6. Hey Hardwick-

    I sat in front of you and Doogie Howser MD at Puppet Up on Satuday. Did you see frickin’ Tim Curry?!?! He was just to your right. It didn’t look like he was in the mood for Home Alone jokes.

  7. Christian H says:

    I’ll buy it, just in the hopes that you come with it 😉

  8. looks pretty cool, thanks for the review.

  9. MikeD123 says:

    My thoughts exactly… I wish it just displayed text and cost $100. All this other fancy stuff like OTA transfers, etc just make it cost more and more.

    I would buy a Kindle Lite instantly. Reading books in bed sideways is awesome.

  10. Lexie says:

    I’m definitely more of a print and paper girl, I like to have the feel of the book in my hands. Plus I held and used my friend’s Kindle 2 and sure for a little while it worked out all right for me to read my book on, but ultimately I got a headache from staring at the screen so long. I don’t mind my books taking up so much room in my bedroom, or in my messenger bag (whole reason I get messenger bags instead of ‘purses’ is so I have room for books)so really the Kindle is a waste for me to think about.

  11. un-bride says:

    I pride myself on being too expensive. Also, please DO find time for more Chris Angel material in future reviews.

  12. Mama Gaea says:

    I’m waiting for a Kindle or Kindle type device that looks like or acts like a PADD. Then, I’m all over it.

    (oh, the joys of ST geekdom)

  13. Chris Hardwick says:

    Actually, as someone who travels WAY too much, I would totally dig a slightly better, slightly cheaper device like this. Books are cool for your house but they take up too much room in your carry-ons.

  14. Kenneth says: i think they hit it on the money

  15. Sam Swanson says:

    At the risk of sounding like a total Luddite, I really don’t see the point of the Kindle. Sure, you can download books, but to me, nothing beats the tactile feeling of a book’s bounded paper. Plus, a physical collection of books is much more impressive to look at than a single sheet of plastic and metal.

  16. Johnny Oz says:

    Hehe, I liked the suggestive quip about ‘pretty things’. 😛

    Solid review, but I’ve got a question. What happens to the stuff you review, well, once they’ve been reviewed? Do you sell them refurbished? I know you gave a fan a phone the other day. Do you use the stuff around G4/on road trips, or do people just get to take stuff home? 😛

  17. Troha Barton says:

    Hay Hardwick, Did you see Olivia slip-up on Fridays show? I’m shocked Kevin did not catch it! During Attack This she called the at-at boombox the A-T-A-T BoomBox! She’s lost her Nerd Credit Dude!

  18. John Ashline says:

    Great review, Chris.

    However, I prefer the feeling of reading an ink and paper book. The sound, the texture of the paper and, yes, even the smell…

  19. LetTheWookieWin says:

    OOhhh sweet book. So pricey, but so want.

  20. eddy says:

    Pricey, yes. But I sold off most of my old print collection that I had already read on (and anything I couldn’t sell, I donated to the local library) and raised enough money that way to afford a Kindle 2, plus $100+ worth of books.

    Of course I think it’s a neat gadget, but ultimately for me, it becomes about real estate – my print books were taking up a LOT of it. My Kindle? Fits in my messenger bag. Do I still read print books? Of course. Not everything’s available in ebook format and I still have some print books that I purchased before my Kindle that I have yet to read, so I’m not giving up on the real thing. But when space is at a premium and one likes to read lots and lots, the Kindle’s totally worth it. Especially when you consider how much public domain stuff is out there that you can load on to the Kindle – just grabbed ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court’ a little while ago.

    It’s not for everyone, but it most certainly IS for me.

  21. Jennybean says:

    Good to know.

  22. Scott325 says:

    I think that if it’s going to be that big(bigger than a lot of books themselves) and cost that much, it’s going to have to do a lot more. Like you said, Chris, if Apple makes a tablet sort of device anytime soon, it would probably blow the Kindle out of the water.

    Good review!