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This was a super-fun field review of the Canon EOS 50D. It takes amazing pictures, but is a tad more complicated and expensive than the Nikon D-90. It’s a shame that I don’t really understand or care about football. That’s right, I don’t care about football and I am not ashamed! Though, I hope I don’t get stripped of my citizenship. Anyway, I’ve always abhorred the meathead stereotype that “dudes just think about beer and football.” We straight guys who are indifferent to watching this sport must unite! Unite and…I don’t know…do something else…I guess.

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  1. Marden Blake says:

    I own a 50d, really nice camera. But like all cameras, the lens is what makes this thing pimp. Looks like you bought the kit that comes with the lens. Try upgrading to the 135mm f/2. It’s one of the sharpest lenses you can get under 1k. Got some shots I did of a few events with the 50d you can see here.

    BTW, enjoyed your appearance on the Adam Carolla Show~ He might not understand you, but glad there is one nerd besides Bald Bryan representing for us.

  2. I’m with Lisa. There is nothing that is more of a turn off to me then, “What’s your favorite team?” or “Want to go to a hockey game/football game?”. The answer is no! I loves me some nerd…

    I’ve also always abhorred the idea that women LOVE that type of man and want to do nothing but buy shoes and do their hair and makeup . Ugh.

    The sales lady at Target was VERY surprised when I told her the Fallout 3 I was buying was for me and not for a brother.

  3. The Fish says:

    I actually own the Canon XSi version of that camera, or some call it the 450D, which is much more cost effective. I like the Canon cameras better than the Nikons actually. I used to own the d40x Nikon and for some reason it took terrible pictures. I took that Nikon to a wedding and took over 750 photos during the weekend and literally 600 of the photos were blurry and or out of focus and I snapped.

    As far as watching football, well I don’t watch it either. My house is full of toys and gizmos which any self-respecting nerd would be proud of. I don’t have time to watch that testosterone ladened sport. I don’t have any thing against it, I just don’t see a reason to watch 20 minutes of action for three hours of my time. That’s not worth it to me.


  4. Lisa says:

    Unite, then come and hang out with ladies who don’t like meathead stereotypes. We’re a club. We have letterhead and I.D. badges and everything. Heck, you don’t even have to unite first.

  5. Angela says:

    You can unite and watch G4! And play with fun, expensive electronics.

  6. Football blows. I’d much rather be cooped up with a fancy camera or gadget than out there with all those sweaty dudes and all that fresh air. And I’m even from Wisconsin…