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Review: ANDROID + HTC = G1

I really did love this phone for the most part. I prefer the iPhone because I’m deep in the Apple trenches and like the UI, but I think Google has the opportunity to be a dominant smartphone OS in the years to come once we hopefully see the proliferation of devices that will run on it. It’s a fine platform right off the bat and will only evolve exponentially thanks to its open source nature.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Go Apple!
    GO Macs!

  2. cchana says:

    Finally got around to watching the review. Excellent job by Kevin and yourself!

    The iPod Touch made more sense for me than the iPhone did, but the G1 is something I am really considering. Rating the phone and the software was a master stroke and I can’t wait to see which phones we’ll see Android on in the future!

  3. laylaness says:

    Good review, Chris. Very fair and I agree with nearly all of it.

    I just got mine last night. I’ve been messing around with it, and I happen to love it. I also happen to love Apple.

    I had the T-Mo Wing previously to the G1, and before that, the MDA, so I’m really familiar with HTC hardware. The design isn’t as cool as the iPhone, but it’ll do.

    I love the Android interface. While I do miss Multi Touch (I use it a lot on my iPod Touch), Android does have a zoom feature when you tap on a picture, and the controls are really similar to Apple’s.

  4. Lisa says:

    Yay! Finally, a device for the rest of us, who don’t like Apple!! And since I’m ready to abandon my Treo and AT&T’s crappy coverage anyway…… Yay!

  5. OcTyler says:

    Thank you for teaching me the word “foopah”!

  6. Niel says:

    Ah, I forgot about that policy. Giz and Engadget just reported on an Android Motorola phone that’s supposedly “more high-end but cheaper than the G1” actually, so I can’t imagine what the Android phone situation will be by the end of the year. Oh well. Thanks Chris!

  7. The Nerdist says:

    Truthfully, I’ve only heard rumors of a possible Sprint phone out next year but I don’t know for sure…I would say if you’re already on T-Mobile just make sure you can return it within 30 days and then try it.

  8. Niel says:

    So would you recommend jumping on the Android bandwagon now or should we wait for new phones? Do you think the G1 would be outdated fast with new Androids coming out next year?

  9. Justin says:

    Thanks for allowing yourself to like Android even though you are an Apple fan. Most of them won’t cheat on Steve.