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Report: Warner Bros. Confirms Justice League Movie To Follow BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN

While Marvel’s off making movies about space raccoons with machine guns, DC’s been busy playing catch-up, most recently in the form of its Man of Steel followup, tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman. As news started to come down about the film’s casting, which has included roles for Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, Alfred Pennyworth, and Cyborg, many began to wonder if this Superman sequel was really a Justice League movie in disguise. That is, until today, because, thanks to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, it seems a stand-alone Justice League film is right around the corner.

According to details provided by Greg Silverman, president of worldwide production at Warner Brothers, there is a script for the film in active development, and Zack Snyder has been brought on to direct. No release date has been officially set, though the report does state the earliest year for release to be 2018. The date is also influenced by the ongoing rumor that Batman vs Superman and the untitled Justice League film will shoot back-to-back starting next month with Batman vs Superman. Sue Kroll, president of worldwide marketing at the studio, also said, on the prospect of Wonder Woman being on the slate for an upcoming solo film following Justice League: “That is our hope… With the right script, that could be viable. The world is ready for her.”

Shortly after this report hit the news wire, the folks at Latino-Review posted a rumor that the film is slated for a May 5th, 2017 release.

What do you guys think? Are you finally ready to see the Justice League on screen?

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  1. Ramon says:

    I don’t understand the anger directed at Superman. Yes, the last fight was brutal, but what would happen if two gods fought? Could Superman have ended the film without killing Zod? How, by changing his mind? Zod was intent on building a new Krypton upon the ashes of Earth, and when that failed he was going to kill as many as possible to punish Kal.

    I found it to be a very good movie. Was it on par with Dark Knight Rises? No, but is that the fault of WB? Christopher Nolan was not going to direct another super-hero film after his brilliant trilogy.

  2. Angela says:

    Love to see it. I hope they can do as well as Marvel has been. Frankly Superman and Batman have not been able to grab the attention of my family but we are fans of the other guys and I hope they can create family friendly characters like Marvel has done. The release date seems far, I suppose they have their reasons but again whenMarvel can cranck stuff out and this is barely making news it’s hard to get people to even be interested.

    Wonder Woman!
    Why has it taken this long for there to be only the possibility of a movie? Seriously Wonder Woman is absolutely amazing! She should have already been back in a series by now, the original should be in reruns, and a movie should be a done deal either already out or at least a confirmed yes and very soon. Do the want to wait years and years until everyone is so old the don’t remember the tv show or Linda Carter so there would beno comparison? If the are worried about comparison that was back in the 70’s things have changed so much since then they need to worry about making it great with what is available to them today. The should also try not to find a Linda Carter replacement but Wonder Woman actress, one the can take that roll and make it her own just as Linda Carter did back in the day (and we all love her for it).

  3. Richard Russell says:

    I have been a D.C. fan for as long as I can remember and marvel was just a distant second. But over the last ten year’s marvel has just kicked D.C. right in the teeth.I think the comics are still equally interesting but as far as movies are concerned I don’t think warner brothers has a snowballs chance in hell catching up or even hope of ever trying to match marvel movies. I guess I have changed sides. Marvel is coming out with how many movies this year alone(4 I think). A lot of older fans of D.C. will be deceaced before they come out with a Justice League big screen movie. Just go back and spend more time making cartoon movies at least you had something there!!!

  4. Jonathan says:

    As long as this has taken to happen, it feels more than a little rushed at this point. I’m taking the wait and see approach, however they haven’t done the needed groundwork to earn what they are trying to do at this point.

  5. Drewnasty says:

    I am sorry but I cannot get excited about a movie that is going to be at the earliest (according to the report) 4 years away! We haven’t even seen a picture of what Batman’s costumes will look like. I was really hoping that they pushed BVS back a year is so that they could film that and JLA back to back and release them a year apart. By the time DC puts out 2 movies in 2018 Marvel will have put out 5-6. What I don’t understand either is why whether or not a WW movie is being made is dependent on the fans reaction to her. Why cast her in your 200 million dollar franchise if you don’t believe she can, you know be actually good in the role?

  6. Dent says:

    “Man of Steel” was ok but much too dark and grimm. Batman has to be kind of dark and gritty, but DC has to take a good look at the Marvel playbook and learn how to put the fun back in. JL has to be a lot more like The Avengers than the Nolan movies

  7. Mark Luster says:

    At least Marvel salted new characters throughout films. DC’s got Superman, Batman, and a mediocre Green Lantern. I want Justice League, but DC needs to get it together.

  8. Nich Hustler says:

    I really hope this is good. Man of Steel really didn’t do it for me. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great either. Watching Amazing Spider-Man 2 the way it was scored and the scope of it I kept thinking Superman should have got to these heights.

    I’m not out of hope though, I think DC/Warner Brothers can learn. I’m on board for Batman vs Superman, I just really hope they nail it.

  9. Alice says:

    Called it.
    Disliked(Hate!!) Man of Steel and I’ve lost interest for Batman vs. Superman because of the casting for Lex. But im still hoping for some miracle. T_____T being someone that took ridicules for being a Superman fan, PLS be good.

    BTW any news on which character The Rock is playing O_O <3 ?
    Aquaman, Cyborg, Lobo..? I know its not GL

  10. Henrik Hansen says:

    (In my best Patrick Warbuton voice.) I did NOT see that coming!

  11. Cody says:

    It’s about time! I love Marvel just as much as the next guy but, it’s about time DC shut all of the haters up. I think it’s going to be grrreeaaat.