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Reminder: Tickets On Sale Now For Nerdist Podcast Live in a Whole Buncha Cities

Did you get them? The tickets, that is. To the Nerdist Podcast Live tour stops coming up in 2012. The ones we announced the other day. You know, in…

Boulder, Colorado! March 2nd at the Boulder Theater

Austin, Texas! March 3rd for two shows at Stateside at the Paramount

Philadelphia! March 23rd at the Trocadero

Atlanta! March 24th at the Variety Playhouse

Minneapolis-St. Paul! March 30th at the Varsity Theater

Madison, Wisconsin! April 12th at the Majestic Theatre

Chicago! April 13th at The Vic Theatre

Iowa City! April 14th at the Englert Theatre

What? You didn’t? They’re on sale right now, you know. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Your mission is to click on the appropriate links below to purchase your tickets (and tell others to do the same), then, on the assigned date, report to the proper venue to be treated to standup comedy from Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray, and Matt Mira, plus a taping of the Nerdist Podcast right before your very eyes and ears. Do we understand each other? Good. Here are the links for tickets:

Click here for Boulder
Click here for Austin – 7 pm show
Click here for Austin – 10 pm show
Click here for Philadelphia
Click here for Atlanta
Click here for Minneapolis
Click here for Madison
Click here for Chicago
Click here for Iowa City

So go buy them now. Let’s sell ’em out.

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  1. Coda says:

    I don’t know why I bother checking these things, no one ever…is…wait…Iowa City?!?! SQUEEEEE! I’m there!

  2. Andrea aka fred says:

    Why is nothing coming anywhere near me on any tour? what does, the world have against tennesse lol.

  3. No trips to Boston? Come on, the weather is fine. Honestly!

    (shovels snow)

  4. Jonathan Stainton says:

    Why you no love Toronto!?

  5. jazzcat says:

    Thanks for booking the show in Boulder! Just bought my tickets. Been listening to the podcast since the beginning! will be fun to be part of one. Let me know if you want a different kind of introduction, I’d be happy to have my marching band play your opening theme for you as you come out (I teach in the area). Thanks again for making the trip.

  6. Bender says:

    Got my tickets for Boulder… A wonderful way to celebrate 10 years of marital bliss.

  7. Lexy Van Dyke says:

    Aww man I was so hoping you guys would make it to Nor Cal!!! Hope you can make it up here next time. I cant wait to have some up close and personal Nerdist action in my life!

  8. Chris says:

    WOO! Just placed my order for the tickets in Philadelphia! Can’t wait to see you guys at the Trocadero! FINALLY I GET TO SEE THE NERDIST LIVE!

  9. Sarah says:

    MAN!!! I really hope the Austin shows don’t sell out before I can save up my pennies!!! I’m glad to shell out the dough to enjoy my burrito with you guys, but I IS SO BROKEEEEE! 🙁

  10. D Sleeper says:

    so i see Atl, Phili, and Minni….but where is NYC? you can’t take a hop, skip and jump without tripping on all the Nerdist fans out here!!!!

  11. Kaela says:

    Hey!! What happened to the San Francisco date?? I really hope it hasn’t been cancelled ’cause I’m really excited about it. Double rainbow, just witnessed the birth of a unicorn excited.

  12. soctt says:

    Mr.will from arizona. i would like to point out that in general the audiences are quite small and not up to nerdist snuff I M O to make the journey. Check out other podcasts that do touring and youll see only a few enjoy AZ. im thinking that maybe its because its too dry…..the state,the people and the comedy 😀 i say that with the most sincere smile lol

  13. scott says:

    PLEASE FOR GOOGS SAKE COME TO CANADA!! make it a two day event situated around just for laughs montreal timeframe. one night in montreal the next in T.O i think you will find success……fortune cookies on the ground, who woulda thunk it provided the truth

  14. Will says:

    We Arizonan’s were not given any Chaotic Good, and now we are being deprived of the Three Man Nerd Band? Dark days lie ahead … In all seriousness, why skip AZ? There are more than a few good venues (DLM was just here) and there are THOUSANDS of us that want to play. Y U no love?

  15. keven says:

    They are very far places away from me, unfortunately. But I wish for the other Nerdist fans in those places to Burrito Enjoy!

  16. Brittany says:

    None of the cool kids come to Utah. You should come to Utah SOON!

  17. Wyatt says:

    Already got Mine. See you in the Citys boys.

  18. JM Nelson says:

    Shhh! I need to get my next paycheck so I can order tickets for the Majestic. I don’t need them selling out before I have money. I’ll tell them then! =P

  19. I’m glad to see you guys booking more and more tour dates. I’ll keep holding out hope that you guys will be able to make your way across the Pacific Ocean (technically only halfway across) and set a date for Hawaii. I would request the day off for that, heck I’d call in sick for that without even batting an eye.