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Reminder: More “Talking Dead” After “The Walking Dead” Sunday Night

So, what are YOU gonna be watching on TV Sunday night?

Chances are pretty good that you said “The Walking Dead,” kicking off another fresh run of new episodes, and if you did, you gotta stay tuned to AMC (assuming you’re watching in the U.S. and Canada) for Talking Dead, which is likewise returning with a couple of new twists.

First, now, you’ll be able to watch Chris Hardwick and his guests kick around each episode live as soon as The Walking Dead is over, which is at 10/9c. Second, it’s now a full hour. So, yeah, excellent. (The whole thing repeats, too, so after Chris, there’ll be two replays of The Walking Dead and a repeat of Talking Dead, so you have two shots at it.)

Tonight, Kevin Smith will be on hand to discuss the new episode, along with “The Walking Dead” co-star Steven Yeun. Got questions for Glenn… er, Steven, Kevin, and/or Chris? Click here and post ’em, and they may just answer you live on the show.

And for those of you who answered Downton Abbey, geez, get a DVR already. (Oh, yeah, the Grammys… meh. Zombies are better)

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  1. TheMarcoE says:

    I hope the Talking Dead gets a huge ratings boost from going right after TWD and going to its rightful 1 hour format. If I have anything else to say is hopefully Chris does not feel rushed, because yesterday he did cut Steve off a couple of times before he could finish his train of thought.

  2. Laura says:

    I love Talking Dead! Chris Hardwick, marry me!

  3. Nerdly Do Right says:

    And Pat, you sir are one of the most pointless humans with access to a keyboard on the internet.

  4. Pat says:

    The reasons why are not entirely clear, but The Talking Dead is a horrible, horrible show. By any measure, it is among the most pointless programs on television.

  5. Ortiz says:

    Seems like Chris isn’t allowed to fully do what he does in regards to hosting the Talking Dead, which is a fucking shame. Regardless who’s hosting, the position is a hashtag delivery system with some really silly “no shit” questions to boot.

    This is a show for people who either don’t have friends with which to talk to about the Walking Dead and/or don’t have access to the Internet to do the same.

  6. Anthony says:

    I don’t have twitter, so I’ll ask my very deep morale conundrum here: If my friend is coughing from a cold or flu, would it be OK to play the opening theme music from the Walking Dead while he’s lyging down? Or would that be too cruel?