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“Remedial Chaos Theory,” Realigned

If you didn’t see this season’s fourth episode of Community, “Remedial Chaos Theory,” last week, stop. Go see it. Then come back and enjoy all seven timelines from the episode combined in one handy, headache-inducing split-screen video:

Yahtzee! Oh, and Jeff, watch out for the ceiling fan.

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  1. Nelia says:

    If you wrote an article about life we’d all reach enlhitgenmnet.

  2. Taylor H. says:

    Love the crazy troll, this episode was great.

    @ Tim
    I think the seasons are for each semester, so that doubles it. 8 seasons are usually enough for any show imho.

  3. Remster says:

    Holy pandemonium, guys! I loved this episode so much, definitely one of my favs of the series so far. One of those sort of things you can only have with a perfect combination of audience go-with-it’ism and writer I’ll-write-what-I-want’enuity. So awesome.

  4. Nick says:

    I love community and the episode rocked, I felt the repetition of the one scene exactly over and over was a little annoying but that would be my only criticism. The alternate universe at the outro was hilarious.

  5. Will says:

    In my book, BB and Community are equal in terms of fucking awesomeness. They’re just awesome on different levels.

  6. Gospel X says:

    Watching that video reminded me of one of the final episodes of Wonder Showzen. It’s pure insanity.

  7. search = such, dammit.

  8. Once in a generation the television gods bestow upon us humble viewers a show of search perfection, of such awesomeness that its mere existence not only defies all logic but also grabs us by the ankles, dangles us over the edge and threatens to let go if we don’t tell it how to find its wife’s murderer. That show is Breaking Bad. But I also love Community… that shit is teh funny!

  9. Brian E. says:

    I loved this so much. I had to re-watch it right away again after. And thena gain after my buddy and I talked about it.

    This show is genius.

  10. walter purvis says:

    spoilers. any one feel reminded by doctor who? any one? any one? epecially since the end had a big doctor who reference

  11. Tim says:

    That ep is in my top 5, maybe second only to the AD&D episode.

    There are so many little character moments it’s amazing they fit all that into 22 minutes.

    I’ll be surprised to see it get picked up for season 4 but I can’t imagine the producers expected more than 3 or 4 seasons given the community college setting.

  12. TJ Shroat says:

    Here’s the full episode on Hulu, FYI.

    The Inception comparison is appropriate. I’d make the larger comparison of the series to the movies of Christopher Nolan. Harmon and crew are doing comedy that is more complex and nuanced than anything else on television.

    Enjoy it now. This show is too weird and clever to last much longer.

  13. Don Buley says:

    Love this, and it made me remember the similar video someone did for Inception.

  14. Jay Hernandez says:

    I just find myself looking at the fucking crazy one with the fire and what not.

  15. Amin says: