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Red Sox Slugger David Ortiz Reenacts Famous Boston Movie Scenes

The Red Sox‘ Big Papi might have retired from baseball last year, but David Ortiz isn’t done entertaining his fans. That’s because he’s found a new career as a thespian, and what more fitting way for him to show off his acting chops than by taking a swing at reenacting some famous Boston movie scenes?

This video, which is a part of his current charitable campaign with Omaze, shows the greatest clutch hitter in Sox history recreating a scene from The Town, taking on the iconic “apples” moment from Good Will Hunting, playing both Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon’s roles in Fever Pitch, and engaging in a long, tense standoff from The Departed.

Well, that was wicked awesome.

As a Red Sox fan who shed a couple (hundred) tears during Ortiz’s last game, and has called him one of the ten most important people to ever enter my life, I feel I can safely and objectively judge his performance here purely on the merits: without a doubt David Ortiz is the greatest actor of all time.


And, if you agree with me, you have a chance to tell him that to his face, as well as give him a big hug, if you enter and win his charitable Omaze contest. The lucky winner will get a free trip to Boston, to meet and cavort with Big Papi during his number retirement ceremony at Fenway on June 23rd. You can read about all of the amazing perks that are a part of the prize here, which you can take part in for as little as a $10 donation.

Proceeds  from the fundraiser will go to Ortiz’s Children’s Fund, as well as the Boston Red Sox Foundation.


But honestly, if they want to raise even more money they should have Big Papi offer dual hitting and acting classes. Because after all those years hitting huge homeruns for the Red Sox, no one knows how to perform on a big stage with a believable Boston accent than David Ortiz.

What other Boston movie should David Ortiz reenact? Tell us in the comments below.

Images: Omaze

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