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Recut Trailer Imagines FROZEN as a Supernatural Thriller

“It was an accident!”

Sure it was.

We’re not going to let Frozen go anytime soon. The mash-ups continue, from metal covers of, well, “Let it Go,” to a creepy edit of the film’s footage into a supernatural horror film.

I think we’ve all seen enough bad tyke horror movies to know that this horror remix of Disney’s Frozen just feels right. Between the muted color palette and the escalating beats, it feels like the kind of medieval supernatural thriller you’d have trouble passing over in your Netflix queue.

Arrow in the Head picked up on this clip from YouTube user Bobby Burns, who is responsible for this re-edit. Burns morphs Elsa from a kind of creepy kid to a tragic, Carrie-like figure. Somehow, he was even able to find some face-bashing violence in the hit kids movie to work in there alongside all of the implied death and mayhem.

Burns’ bio says he’s only 17, and if that’s the case, the kid’s well on his way to doing more cool stuff in the future. You should shoot him a message on his YouTube channel and let him know what other movies are in need of some kind of genre remix.

Only two real stumbles here to my mind, and both have to do with the opening titles. Twisted Pictures doesn’t really get behind this kind of sprawling horror movie. Maybe Ghost House or Lionsgate would have been a better fit. Ditto the A Band Apart logo at the beginning. (I”m being an incredible stickler, but otherwise, the trailer is really effective).

What are some other animated films in need of a horror movie re-cut? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Arrow in the Head]

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