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Real Life ‘Superhero’ Update, With Bonus Broken Nose

Here’s an update on that story we had about the “superheroes” fighting crime in costume in Seattle: Phoenix Jones, the leader of the Rain City Superheroes, had a little mishap that left him with a broken nose the other evening. Here’s the story from KOMO-TV/Seattle:

Seems that Phoenix came upon a bunch of guys arguing, stepped in to break it up, and instead got punched. He called 911 and got the guy in a headlock, but another guy pulled a gun and kicked him in the face. So that didn’t end well.

He says he’ll keep going and that this was no big deal, but the cops are warning folks not to get involved other than to immediately call 911. Remember, bullets won’t bounce off you, unless you’re encased in Kevlar.

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  1. ShaunCallahan says:

    Soon enough I see him being approached for a Reality TV series on FX or Spike….

  2. Alex says:

    Man, I really hate that this is so close to where I live. And you aren’t a superhero unless you have something super about you. Right now he’s just a vigilante. Get a super power of some kind and I might revise which label I put on him.

  3. dish says:

    Cool. It’s a colored super hero. Don’t be the “first” one dead.

  4. genepete says:

    Is this a publicity stunt for Kick-Ass 2?

  5. Locutus says:

    Little by little he’s getting in over his head. Tread carefully dude!

  6. Deltus says:

    I don’t mind the guy’s initiative or his intent. But stepping in like that and having a gun pulled on you? You can’t make a difference if’n you’re DEAD. Call the cops.

  7. Jay R. says:

    They don’t bounce off you in kevlar, either. You still end up in the hospital with broken ribs instead of a punctured torso.