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Rats in Hats

This, it appears, is real, a Fancy Rat Convention in New York, with a Rat Fashion Designer showing off her Rat Fashions in a Rat Fashion Show:

You can find out more from the “small home based rattery” that provided the rats, the Big Apple Rattery. And all I can say is that they’d better not have held that thing in the hotel where I’m staying this week while I’m at a convention. It’s not a rat convention. Officially.

HT: Nikki Moustaki, The Daily What, BuzzFeed

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  1. monica says:

    They make unbelievably amazing pets! My friend has an entire blog devoted to her pet rats. It’s a family project that brings lots of laughter and joy to their home. I was originally appalled by the thought of rats, until I actually starting visiting the rat blog, and then “met” the rats in person. My friend doesn’t focus on the “couture” idea as much, but she definitely personifies them via costume and props and it’s definitely made their home a more lively atmosphere!

    It’s amazing…they dress the rats up as superheroes, star wars characters, pirates, etc. If someone can’t understand the reason one would have pet rats after seeing their blog, then they’ll never understand. I love the idea of this fashion show! The costume designer is for brilliant!

  2. Bocephus says:

    nope nope nope. I draw the line at rats and spiders. I’ll accept snakes as pets only in certain situations. but rats? REALLY? *deep from the cockles shiver* I can’t even

  3. TheLoverly says:

    You know, I had pet rats for several years, and they’re great animals, but it’s one thing to keep them as pets and an entirely different thing to dress them up.

  4. smartbunny says:

    Rats off to ya!

  5. DefconDan says:

    So my fellow NYers have given up and instead of getting rid of these pests they’re dressing them up.