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Radiohead Support Group

This BBC Spout sketch has been out for a couple of weeks: it’s a Radiohead Support Group for people who have come to admit to themselves that they just don’t really like “The King of Limbs.” Or “Kid A,” or “Amnesiac,” or “Hail to the Thief,” or “In Rainbows.” But there IS a line to be drawn….:

(I would normally not feel the need to remind everyone that this is just a joke and not to be taken as a serious rip on Thom et al., but I know we’re pretty much all Radiohead fans around here and maybe some of us are a little sensitive to… well, anyway, it’s just a joke. Don’t worry about it)

HT: Blame It On the Voices, New York Magazine’s Vulture

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  2. Link says:

    I laughed so much at this because it’s so true. The Bends was my absolute favorite album ever. Then OK Computer came along and blew me away. I was so excited for Kid A to be released. I was first at the record store to buy it. I played it all the way through just once. Crap. I haven’t bought a Radiohead song since.

  3. Amplexus says:

    I too have mixed emotions about the post-Ok Computer Radiohead. I really love Kid A. I was a sad little 20 year-old when that came out and the isolation evoked by the atmospheric noise articulated my feelings better than anything else out there. Amnesiac, on the other hand, seemed like scatterbrained b-sides by comparison. Hail to the Thief was ok but not very cohesive. In Rainbows is a f’ing masterpiece. King of Limbs has many good ideas – and the polyrhythmic experimentations are quite intriguing and novel – but the individual tracks are so “cerebral” that the work as a whole lacks focus.

  4. Jon says:

    i used to be pretty dismissive of radiohead as a whole, but have started liking them lately. i never found any of their experimental stuff too pretentious, though don’t understand why Kid A gets so much high praise. In Rainbows is a real classic, though, and I think the new album is decent too. though it sounds pretty much like another Yorke solo album.

  5. James says:

    Kid A and Amnesiac were always my least favorite, but I think of Hail to the Thief and In Rainbows (especially In Rainbows) as somewhat of a return to their old sound. Of course, nothing compares to the first 3 albums, but it’s still bloody Radiohead. It’s still worlds ahead of 99.9% of what’s out there. Not quite sure what to think of King of Limbs yet.

  6. Annecoultersadamsapple says:

    Watched this twice. I actually ranted about how pretentious the “noise” parts of Kid A were the day I got it. That being said “optimistic” is my favorite radiohead song.

  7. Zach says:

    I’m actually not a fan. I still find this hilarious though.