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Questions for The Doctor?

Through the graciousness of the BBC I am ecstatic to announce that MATT SMITH WILL BE A GUEST ON THE NERDIST PODCAST. I know!!!! Right????

If you could ask Matt anything–Who or non-Who related–what would it be? Post your questions in the Comments and I’ll pick a few.

I will do my best to make sure that this ep posts Monday the 22nd. Oh epic, epic day….

Image: BBC

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  1. i am on now plz email me noww.

  2. its not uk if u r interested!!

  3. i have got my own account on windows live i got it from google [email protected] me when u r nor busy.

  4. me again by the way send me ema’l

  5. Tjim says:

    Are you one of those people who just care about being famous or are you some one who wants to get to know people who consider you someone who they admire

  6. kelsey says:

    if prizoner zero stole the crack in time wat would happen?

  7. kelsey says:

    if u had a choice between sweets and a macdonalds wat would u choose?

  8. kelsey says:

    if u had a choice of your favourite food to pick so u could eat it in front of Karen, what food would u choose?

  9. kelsey says:

    my friend isn’t a huge fan but i am my sis is being mean by the way

  10. kelsey says:

    this isn’t bout dr who but i luv u lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Jennifer says:

    What whuld you do if you saw a Time lord that was looking for you? And what would you do if you found out that you was a Time lord and have forgoting about it that you were one?

  12. slvmchn says:

    have you ever popped a chub reading douglas adams?

  13. Mickey O says:

    Oh my God! XD
    Amazing Matt’s in the YouEss now ^^
    Just a shout out to him that his hair is frikkin’ amazing. Best hair ever, by far.
    And a question or two~
    First off- What do you think you’d be doing now, if you weren’t on Doctor Who?
    Second of all- Honestly, how different is the US..? XD DIfferent in a good or a bad way?

  14. Emily Bourne says:

    Hey Matt!
    If you could go on a date with anyone, who would it be? (with Daisy’s permission of course!)
    Can’t wait for the next series 🙂

  15. film4future says:

    Please, please do post this on Monday. It will be the best birthday present I receive this year! Thoroughly enjoyed both of your appearances on Ferguson.

  16. Nicole says:

    How exactly did you create the character of the Eleventh Doctor? Were you given suggestions, were you inspired by someone, or did you just invent it all? (And by the way, your portrayal of the Eleventh Doctor is amazing!)

  17. Raven says:

    Just got through watching the CF clip, and I have to say that the semi-random Hardwick cameo/group dance was both hilarious and adorable 🙂

    Also, to chime in with everybody else on the board – Thanks for an awesome 5th season, Matt. Your take on The Doctor is so light-hearted and fun, and it really gives the impression that he is truly a mad man in a box, whizzing around the galaxy and time itself to bring help to those who need it and to explore the unknown.

    Which brings me to my question(s) – There are tons of hilarious gags throughout the season, but do you have a favorite one? And did you ever get to improvise any of your lines to fit into your portrayal of The Doctor?

    Keep up the great work, guys, and good luck with the podcast! 🙂

  18. Shirley says:

    Matt, do you realize that Craig and Chris are about the coolest guys you could ever hope to meet and hang out with in LA?

  19. Mary says:

    I had a heart attack when I heard Matt Smith was going to be on the podcast. WAY TO GO HARDWICK! I think you are a good interviewer, so all I ask is that you deliver to us a relaxed, candid, and funny timelord.

  20. Bill D. says:

    Are the super hardcore Whovians out there – people who make even big ol’ nerds like me look like successful, handsome, well-adjusted human beings in comparison – as scary as they seem on the internet? Because I’ve checked in on a few Doctor Who forums before, and I was quickly afraid… for myself and for humanity as a whole.

  21. Sharon says:

    For Chris: I am so glad that you are so into Doctor Who!

    For Matt: Did you get more than you bargained for when you became the Doctor? Celebrity wise, that is.

    Did you really eat the fishsticks and custard?

  22. charlotte says:

    Hi Matt do you think that your character the Doctor will get involved in a romantic relationship with Amy some time even though she’s married to Rory?

  23. Erme says:

    Thanks for taking our questions.
    First which episode so far has been your favorite to film?
    Where you a Dr. Who fan growing up, and if so who was your favorite doctor?

  24. Matt –

    Did you ever have any doubts that fans would accept you, given that the previous Doctor was so popular? And can you tell us about when you realized or what made you realize that the audience had embraced you and the 11th Doctor?

    For the record, you have totally won me over and some of yours have been my favorite episodes of any Doctor.

  25. Scott says:

    Is it as fun as it looks?

  26. Nate S. says:

    I would like to as Mr. Smith, “What are the similarities and the differences that you’ve seen between American fans and the fans in the UK on you many media tours?” I would also like to ask a follow up question, “Has your head stopped spinning yet?” Thank you for this opportunity to interact with such a special guest.

  27. BobLaBlog says:

    Were you scared that people werent going to approve of you being The New Doctor?

    Great Show Btw

  28. Doctor Who Master says:

    Where did you start your career

  29. John says:

    Two questions:

    1. Is it a challenge to following such a popular doctor and how do you make the audience not only tolerate, but like you (which I think you have done in spades)?
    2. Each of the doctors has their own personality, how much of your own personality shows through and how much is the next evolution of the doctor that the writers want to portray in this 11th (and next to last) incarnation of Dr. Who?

  30. Emily says:

    Matt, I really, really want to know what kind of magical fairies you hide in your hair. Please, can you enlighten us? (P.S. We’re glad to have you here in the States!)

  31. Stephanie L. says:

    Can I be your next companion?

  32. Hi Matt! I just want to tell you, first of all, that I really love your hair! It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!

    Now, onto my question: Are you friends with Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch, aka Sherlock on Steven Moffat’s other epic series “Sherlock”?

  33. Lee says:

    This is amazing. First Matt’s doing the Craig Ferguson Experience, and now the Nerdist podcast. This is a wonderful time to be alive.

    My question for Matt: I’ve heard that Patrick Troughton is *your* favorite Doctor — what is it that elevates him above the rest?

    Also: will you be doing more publicity for the show in the states in the future?

  34. Monika says:

    How cool is that?? –> Nerdist Podcast rock!!

    Question for Matt:

    quick question: do you remember your very first scene as Eleven? (sure you do :D) what were your thoughts right before the director said “ACTION!” ?
    Love your Doctor btw…(mind you, I’m saying this as a Ten-obsessed DT fangirl )

  35. So very, very jealous of the people Chris gets to talk to.

    I am curious about one thing though – in this new incarnation of Doctor Who, they’ve really liked to tug at the heartstrings at times, and pulled a few emotional sucker punches.

    In your first season, what moments like that were the hardest to play? Did any really pull at your own heartstrings?

  36. Jen K says:

    Give me a second to stop hyperventilating, and I’ll give it a proper think-through. SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Meghann says:

    Did you get to choose your own catchphrase, and are fezzes really *that* cool?


  38. Stephanie Nelson says:

    Dear Matt Smith,

    Do you ever dream that you are the doctor when you are sleeping?

    Why did you want to be on doctor who?

    Which colored dalek is your favorite?

    Who would win weeping angels or daleks?

  39. Michele says:

    It was recently revealed on Sarah Janes’ Adventures that The Doctor has an unlimited number of regenerations. Previously it was thought he only had 12. How do you feel about this controversial topic and does it affect your approach towards playing the character?

  40. Melinda says:

    Congrats! This podcast gets me through the day.

    Question: Any scoop on the Christmas episode? How does he feel about shooting an episode in the U.S.? Will he make any changes to his performance now that he is entering his second season?

  41. Leslye says:

    Matt, how cool does it feel to be Dr Who piloting the Tardis and play with all the villians and save the world(s) over and over?
    But truly does it get lonely traveling all the time ?

  42. Kel Swindell says:

    Congrats on the swell guest. Love the podcasts. Loads of giggles for all.

    For Matt: what is the deal with your hair? Are you going for a DrWhoMullet? BTW, my teen daughter thinks you rock that bow tie.

  43. Lisa G says: My brain just imploded from the amazingness of this! Congrats on such a coup!

    Question for Matt: Knowing the huge pop culture whirlwind you’ve stepped into, what do you do to stay grounded and sane? How did you sort of prepare for the rollercoaster ride? Has life gotten crazy, or can you still walk down the street unnoticed?

  44. Allyn Gibson says:

    Is there any chance that the short stories Matt Smith wrote about the Doctor’s travels with Albert Einstein will be published? Has Smith thought about writing an episode of Doctor Who himself?

  45. SeanJ says:

    Do you drop to your knees and thank the heavens above every day when you realize you get to stare at that saucy, sexy, salacious Karen Gillan for hours on end?

  46. Tyler Childers says:

    First, wonderful to have you in the states Matt. Second a little personal story:

    This past summer during the beginning of the World Cup, I was working at my local Irish-American Pub. We pulled out all the stops for World Cup coverage. I was waiting on the tables, keeping half an eye on England’s first match when a small day dream came over me. If circumstances had been different, there was the chance that I would have been watching you on that South African pitch, instead of strutting around in the Tardis. I would have never known who you were, had you been in the English kit, at least not in context of the rest of the team.
    You’re kit is a bowtie and maybe even a fez.

    Sooooooo. How does that feel to you? I mean, kids would have adored your play as a footballer or the Doctor no matter what, but don’t you feel better going against Team Dalek?

  47. Cat says:

    Couple of questions! <3

    1. Did you really eat fish sticks with custard in The 11th Hour?

    2. Who are your favorite Football (soccer) teams and players?

  48. GeekToMe says:

    How long are you currently signed to play The Doctor? 🙂

  49. emily o. says:

    Thanks for taking our questions! 🙂

    For our dear Matt: What side projects do you get to work on, in between shooting seasons of Doctor Who? Any we should be looking out for? P.S. Thanks for being a wonderful actor and sharing that with all of us 🙂

  50. Chloe says:

    Matt, first I just want to start off with saying you’re the best Doctor that Doctor Who has seen (in my opinion!). Um, I have a few questions.

    First – has there been any flirting on the set between yourself and Karen? What about with Alex or Arthur? Or what about any rows?!

    Second – if you had to be a girl for te day, what’s the one thing you’d miss about being a boy?