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Questionauts Ep 3: Breaking Into A Dwarf’s Mansion

KIT PONGETTI GUEST STARS, and the Questionauts riff on Dog Waste Disposal Systems, tell tales of bloody competition back in their bunker-dwelling days, and Justin gets confused for Bryant Gumbel. They also find time to improvise answers to the following dills of a pickle:

* Why do paper cuts hurt so much?
* How can I be a better (w)rapper?
* What’s the only co-ed sport in the Summer Olympics?

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  1. Pieter says:

    I like the normal nerdist podcasts, but this is not my thing. I see in the comments that a lot of people do like it, so I’ll write it down to it just not being my thing (like Family Guy and Seinfeld weren’t my thing).

  2. Josh from Europe aka BountyHunter says:


    Chris, I love your podcasts. This is the first time I heard those
    QUESTIONAUT one’s. What was that. -Am-I-in-another-dimension-
    (imagine that last sentence in a 60’s robot voice or the voice of Craig Ferguson’s robot sidekick).

    This was funny. I have to jump in my time travel machine and go back in time to listen to ye olde one’s. Oh wait what’s this button down here “previous entries”. Dios mio, it’s a time travelling button on your side. I can’t believe it. Maybe I found something great here. Wait, who are this white dressed guys, pointing with their finger on me. Oh my good they are shooting out of their fingers, aaarrrggghhh … transmission interrupted

  3. BrokenJpg says:

    Not my cup of tea

  4. jdisgr8 says:

    just a quick question for you! what books if any helped you with your panic attacks? thanks for filling my ears with awesome podcast! cant wait for your book!!

  5. Artie says:

    I was wondering the same thing. Apparently Ep. 2 was lost in the shuffle, having come out RIGHT AFTER (as in “two hours right after”) Ep. 1:

  6. Josip Vujcic says:

    Also missed Ep 2! Great podcast, short, sweet & nerdy. Just what the Doctor ordered

  7. Ryan says:

    Where’s Ep: 2?

  8. Brian E. says:

    Hilarious as always. Great podcast.