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Preview: David Finch’s First Issue of WONDER WOMAN

Preview: David Finch’s First Issue of WONDER WOMAN

DC’s #1 female super hero is getting a change of the guard this October; after three years under the care of writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang, Wonder Woman is getting a whole new direction from artist David Finch (Forever Evil, Batman: The Dark Knight) and writer Meredith Finch, who just so happens to also be Mrs. David Finch. Not much is known about their new direction, but it is said to focus more on superheroics in the traditional sense, as well as put the spotlight more on Diana’s relationship with her fellow members of the Justice League, and less on the Olympian family drama that was such a huge part of the Azzarello and Chiang run ever since the New 52 began. Below is our first sneak peek of the interior art from the Finch’s first issue on the title, as well as a full color preview of the cover as well.

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Wonder Woman #36 hits this coming October.

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  1. are you all pedophiles?  why is WW drawn as a teen? 

  2. Gerry says:

    I’m so over the Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang regime. Over 30 issues have been released and in WONDER WOMAN, we still don’t know how she earned the mantle of Wonder Woman, what happened between her and Steve Trevor, how she realized her powers needed to restrained by her bracers and, among many other glaringly neglected and omitted items by Azzarello and Chiang, why Diana chose London as her home base outside of Paradise Island. I’m tired of “The Perils of Trashy Zola and Her Stupid Baby Zeke” and of Wonder Woman being a supporting character in her own title whose only contact with the rest of the DC Universe has nonsensically been limited to Orion. Diana been a mere witness and a pawn in the tired and drawn out “saga” of the Olympians who all look like a child’s nightmare come true. DC’s premiere super heroine deserves better and should not be isolated from the rest of the DC Universe. Key stories like Wonder Woman’s origin should have played out in her own book, not in JUSTICE LEAGUE, FOREVER A.R.G.U.S. or SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN. I welcome the change in the creative regime. Azzarello and Chiang’s take on the character just doesn’t work for me mainly because they cared more about everyone else who appeared in the book than the one whose name is actually on the title.

  3. Stephen Cody says:

    So that’s the Swamp Thing I spied.Looks like Di’s in for a butt whoopin.One does not simply attack the elemental of earth.Good luck with that.

  4. HeardAndrew says:

    Cool, as much as the Amazonian part of her is such a huge part of her story, her real life among humanity and the JLA will be a defining characteristic of her movie franchise if/when she gets one.

  5. Jason Olson says:

    I agree with Daniel down below.  The mythological influence gave Wonder Woman a visual power punch.  She was indeed, an Amazon. I like David Finch’s art but this version of Wonder Woman looks a little like a Bratz doll.  It’s too girly and no grit.  

  6. sandy jones says:

    Like the drawing 

  7. Darren Borg says:

    She looks great now give her a movie.we are over superman n dark knight

  8. Daniel Tapia says:

    I actually don´t feel very excited about this. I was enjoying the mythological take the comic had. You could see her doing heroics in JL, and you can see heroics in a lot of the the other series, but this was different precisely because of that. I also like Chiang´s art even though many don´t seem to like it. And though Finch is not my favorite artist, I guess I´ll check the first numbers and see how it turns out.

    • Unladen Swallow says:

      The mythological take certainly gave the comic it’s own unique flavor. But while it hasn’t gotten old yet, you can only keep a style for so long before people get bored. It is good to change it now while people are still very interested in the series.

    • Aaron s. says:

      If any of you had read Volume 2 you wouldn’t have been so enamoured with this three year rip-off of Rucka and Perez

  9. Terrible cover. She looks like she’s about to cry. She’s clearly doing some bizarre pin-up pose mid-battle…I mean, legs together, knees bent?! how you gonna swing a sword like that? That’s not a fighting stance, that’s the “I’ve got to pee” dance. (Maybe that’s why she’s so upset? -_- ) Shield awkwardly held behind you, exposing your chest and vital organs…and unless her enemies are on a pile of dirt about two feet in front of her – where is she even looking?!

    Strong, capable, intelligent women do what they need to do to solve problems – and they are sexy as hell. Please don’t draw Playboy pin-ups, add armor, blood, and a sword, and think you’ve made them “badass.” Watch a woman fighting with a broadsword. Take video. Use THAT for reference instead of porn, please.

    • Nich Hustler says:

      Ha ha. Loved this. I’m not a follower of Wonder Woman comics, but even this outfit is so retarded. I liked the long pants look in a recent Justice League animated movie I watched. Far more practical. Meh, what do I know. 

    • Unladen Swallow says:

      All heroes are posing on the cover. It’s not like they only do it for female heroes. Ever seen a Batman cover? Most of the poses he is doing are equally impractical given the situation.

  10. ahhhh I get it… they draw her like Gadot and then comic people forget that a strong breeze could knock Gadot over.  Nice pencils though..

    • Brett says:

      He’s always drawn her a little slimmer and young looking. Look at the alternate cover of JL #1. She looks like a teenager.

  11. Matt says:

    At least she’s not wearing boots that are heels.  wtf…what amazon wants to wear heels as she brings the justice.

  12. Abby Adkins says:

    Last time I checked Wonder Woman was not 15 going through puberty

  13. muuuuch better, before this she was like a man, now she’s perfect. 

  14. Sadness says:

    🙁 She looks like a barbie doll. Not excited at all.