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THE MONSTER SQUAD Battles THE PREDATOR in a Shane Black Mashup

If a terrifying creature threatened to overrun your small town and destroy everyone you love, would you want a group of ragtag mercenaries who have never worked together before to try and save you? Or would you turn to an experienced team who knows all about stopping even the most devilish ghouls? Naturally you’d turn to the experts, even if they were a bunch of pre-teens who learned everything they know from old movies. But maybe toss in the musclebound newbies for good measure, too.

Nerdist Presents our latest Remix, “Monster Squad vs Predator,” a mashup over 30 years in the making. This time the boys of The Monster Squad and their amulet are taking on the most fearsome hunter in the galaxy: the new super killing-machine from The Predator, who arrives to throw off the balance of good and evil.

There’s a pretty good reason these movies fit together so well. The Monster Squad was written by Shane Black and directed by Fred Dekker, and The Predator is directed by Shane Black, who co-wrote it with Fred Dekker! And as far as we’re concerned, both movies exist in the same cinematic universe anyway. Which means the best hope for humanity in The Predator might come down to whether or not its motley crew of fighters has ever watched The Monster Squad. Those kids really knew what they were doing.

Would the Monster Squad have a chance against the Predator, or would he take their amulet and their skulls before the opening credits ended? Tell us in the comments below.

Narration by Darin De Paul
Edited by Matt Caron
VFX by Tim Herrold
Graphics by Caleb Drewel

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