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Power Laces, Alright!

I’ll get off of this Back To The Future kick eventually, I promise, but first we need to talk about these:

Here we have the second prototype of Power Laces shoes, a la BTTF Part II, created by Blake Bevin. This updated prototype has the lacing mechanism built into the sole, and has a sensor in the sole which activates the motor automatically. As Marty McFly once said, “Alright!”

Here’s the catch: Bevin is not affiliated with Nike…she’s trying to get these things onto shelves herself. You can check out his Kickstarter site here. The question is, will this infringe on Nike’s patent for Power Laces shoes? By the looks of it, yes. Nike appears to have a patent both for an automatic lacing system and for the specific lighting of the shoes as seen in the movie.

Thanks to Hud for the comment in my previous article that lead me to this one! You are awarded 500 internets.

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  1. tj says:

    AUTOLACE already patented and trademarked for license or purchase, see

  2. philds391 says:

    Nike patented the design after seeing the first prototype. They probably plan to just sit on the design to that the people who actually build them cant sell them. Greedy bastards!

  3. dragoncores says:

    yay a new thing to make kids even lazier. Well at least you have a shoe light once they are done.*trips*bloody shoe light*runs through water and gets shocked * bloody shoe shocked me.
    But very nice even if kids will get fat from using it. or even shocked.
    (i really do like them tho)

  4. Ben says:

    Guano Lad – You are not being a “Grammar Nerd”. You’re being a complete “incorrect with your grammar criticism tool”

  5. Jay Fralick says:

    While I think the idea is cool, I just slip my shoes on and off..

    begin generic rant about kids ending with a strong statement linking the latest world evil with schools no longer teaching cursive writing

    and Hey… it’s your column. Use all of the “L” saving techniques you want! Just please keep the “R” around (unlike by wife’s east coast family)

  6. Renee says:

    Well now you know! Thanks for updating the article with the fix 🙂

  7. You’re absolutely right Renee! Thanks for catching that. Typical male move, assuming she was a guy…I am shamed.

  8. Renee says:

    FYI, I think this is Blake and I think she’s female! Not a “he”

    I’ll ask to make sure that’s her. If so, please correct the article!

  9. @GuanoLad: I’m starting a revolution. That extra L and space take up too much time. TOO MUCH TIME.

    In re to the patent, the really weird thing is it appears to have been filed in May of 2009. I’m amazed nobody made any claims to this before then.

  10. GuanoLad says:

    Sorry to be a Grammar Nerd on a Nerdy website, but there’s no such word as “alright”. It’s “all right”. This may change in the future, considering how many people get it wrong, but for now that’s the ruling.

    Meanwhile, back on topic, this looks like such a brilliant and almost pitch-perfect recreation of the BTTF shoes that I hope he gets somewhere with it, even if it’s selling his concept to Nike directly for a nominal fee.

  11. Mike says:

    @Rhacodactylus: someone created the prop for the filming of the movie, so it existed in some form. Not fictional to me. Maybe Nike created the prop, and therefore patented the idea. Plus, don’t all patents start as fictional? You patent the idea for a product, not necessarily the physical product itself.

  12. Wait? am I the only one confused by the fact that Nike has a patent on a fictional product? The patents awarded Steven Moffat for his work on Dr Who must be prolific!

  13. Hud says:

    First off, that prototype looks pretty darn smooth. Second, thank you for the 500 internets. You don’t even know how badly I needed those.