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Posted at 37,000 Feet


I’m posting this from a flight from NY–>LA while testing out American Airlines’ gogo* in-flight wifi service, which I shall henceforth refer to as “WiFly,” mainly because I enjoy the literary device known as “portmanteau.” I blogged about this in an August-based article, Air Travelers! Masturbate to Internet Flash-Porn in the Privacy of Seat 8-F, and am pleased that I finally get to try it out. It’s pricey–$12.95, but I forgive it because it’s a nascent service. PLUS, I can now get distracted from writing by the Web in the air as well as the land!

So far, the connection has been flawless and I feel that sense of nerd empowerment that you feel when you get a new toy. I’m not gonna lie, it’s almost sexually satisfying when you can control your desktop over the Rockies. (I think that’s right–“sex” is that thing where you’re naked except for your socks and you apologize a lot, right?) The only down side (beside the cost) is that you can’t do VoIP but I don’t think that video chats are off limits. Welp, I gotta go now. They just started an episode of “Big Bang Theory” and I need to watch it so I can see how nerds act.

*The unrelated site I found to be pure indecipherable Asiantainment

Image: Chris Hardwick/Nerdist

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  1. laylaness says:

    The best part of this post is the usage of “portmanteau”. I think I just wordgasmed.

  2. If I were at all okay with flying that would be cool. $13 for internet access sounds a little expensive to me, since I can get it at the McDonalds playland I take my kids to every once in a while. I know you are in the air and far from any WiFi network hubs, but holy shit, $13 seems a little pricey.

    I like those Bose Headphones for NOT listening to the world around you. Those are the noise canceling ones right? Yeah I thought so.


  3. Felix says:

    2 if by land, 1 if by air

  4. bob says:

    Did you get peanuts and a barf bag.

  5. TonyWasRight says:

    Hope you had better luck opening those god damn peanut bags than i did >:[ .
    Hopefully you wont have a creepy guy looking over your shoulder while you surf the interwebz.

  6. XSPINX says:

    Too bad none of this was around when 9-11 happened, people could’ve just twittered for help, or emailed their loved ones!

  7. Alex says:

    Thats awesome. Hopefully they lower the price eventually.

  8. 2006-me agrees with you: it is one of the more enjoyable of the literary devices.

  9. josie says:

    ah! Big Bang Theory!!! best TV show ever 🙂 hahah!!

  10. Someone on the ground says:

    BTW – your new look: Fisher Stevens. (Is number 5 still alive?)

  11. Horacio says:

    Nice headphones, have you ever tried sennheiser?? I have a pair and they sound better than bose and they’re half the price

  12. Alan says:

    Please let us know if you see any strange creatures chewing on the wing.

  13. safesolvent says:

    hey are you purposely pointing at the word “safe” or am i just imaginig that everything you do is for my personal enjoyment. can you take a picture of the word “safe” next to the stewardess?

    thanks chris, remember it’s not a vacation flight…


  14. Jaime says:


    Sorry. That deserved to be in all caps.

    Hope you have a safe flight!

  15. Someone on the ground says:

    Unfortunately, because of the time/space differential, you have now been rendered in reverse. Good luck getting out of THAT one.

  16. Mephy says:

    Well, that does it. I’m flying only American Airlines from now on.

  17. RadNerd says:

    Blog High Club!