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Portal Turrets and Pyrokinesis…Mods!

Modification is a big part of being a tech geek. Normal people see a computer and think “Good, now I can check my email.” A tech geek sees a computer and thinks “I’m opening that son of a bitch right up. Where’s my Torx set?”

This week’s tech roundup features some awesome mods, starting with this adorable little instrument of pain:

Automated Paintball Sentry Turret

This homemade sentry turret comes from the industrious (and possibly a little sadistic) folks over at The Sentry Project. They specialize in these automated turret mods, some of which you can buy. They also sell their software kit at $150. Bonus points for use of the Portal turret voice, double bonus points for eliciting that kind of response out of your little brother.

Mind-Controlled Pyrotechnics

It’s tough to see what’s going on in the video, but what you’re looking at is a set of gigantic flamethrowers being controlled by thought. Yep, the PK4A (Pyrokinesis for Alex) project has used an EEG headset (not unlike the one used to shock the hell out of people as seen last week) and a control unit to shoot 20-foot flames into the air just by thinking about it. Kids, if you’ve ever wanted to be a flame-wielding mutant, now’s your chance. If you haven’t ever wanted to be a flame-wielding mutant, then you need to seriously reconsider your priorities.

And finally:



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  2. Venca says:

    lmao finish me off and make ur im dead, lol., hey i got a qusetion, i havent played paingball in like 2 or 3 years, i played woodland airsoft for a year and im getting into paintball again. what kind of quality and durable gun do? u recommend, may i ask. i looked at the us army alpha blAck, any thing under 200thanx bro

  3. Babs says:

    I’d say the toilet cart is so quintessentially American, if I had not recently learned of a restaurant (chain!) in Hong Kong and Taiwan that serves its dishes in miniature toilets and urinals. The chocolate soft serve looks particularly yummy.

  4. CassiCost says:

    Oh God, the kid slipping in the first video is gold.
    Call me an old man, but all I can do is envision two of these paintball turrets mounted on the back porch as a solution to my squirrel problem.