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Pop-Rock Candy Mountain Podcast

This was a podcast I did via cell phone a few weeks back for a great pop culture site called Pop-Rock Candy Mountain. The other guests were Anna Vocino from a show called Free Radio and Todd Fancey from The New Pornographers, a band I happen to like a lot. Listen in as I steamroll over people because of the delay from several people calling in at once for a group chat. I could barely hear anyone, and I tend to chatter when that happens because silence is for the tongueless!!! The running time is 45:00, so put a roast in the oven.

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  1. The Nerdist says:

    Ah yes…I, too, have a bunch of Neutral Milk Hotel. Being from Memphis, it’s not impossible that I would move back to the South someday to bring home by fancy city ways. Also, I wouldn’t tell the other parents that your playing “The New Pornographers” for their kids.

  2. This is where I need to check in with you again on how my financial situation is going in terms of when I can buy an iPhone, because yeah, I don’t have an iPod, yet, either. Instead of writing about making babies (which actually sounds like porn, which would be lucrative), I clearly need to go into scientific comedy or whatever the hell it is you do.

    Love what you do, by the way, babe. (insert me doing the wink/open-maw-smile/double-finger-gun obnoxiousness here)

    But, since I’m always buying whatever it is you’re selling, you just about have me sold on The New Pornographers now. A friend recently gave my non-iPod-having-self a CD with them and a bunch of other hipster sounds, including some made-up band called Neutral Milk Hotel. All I can say is I feel 100% cooler while I’m driving around in my wagon with a butt-load of kids in the back, listening to that CD.

    You really want to move to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, now, don’t you?

  3. chrisallen says:

    Aww man I didn’t mean to be offensive, if you took it that way 🙂 i’ve heard so many people stumble on that dang http://www... Why couldn’t it have been an x or something easy… for example!

    But alas I will listen to this stream later… Gotta get to my drum gig in 20 minutes!

  4. Jeff Clark says:

    You’re right. Saying three “Ws” in a row is a bit tongue-twisting and I tend to leave the third “W” out. I think I will stick with


  5. chrisallen says:

    he only said 2 w’s for the url… n00b!