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Pokémon Poke Bowls

If you’ve been swept up in the newest food craze of Poke, you’ve probably felt like you’ve gotta catch ‘em all. Poke bowls (rice bowls topped with sushi grade fish, veggies, and delicious sauces) are sweeping the nation. Though many sushi lovers have just discovered this dish, it’s been popular in Hawaii for decades.

Poke comes in a variety of flavors but sometimes the simplest is best. AND sometimes the shape of a Pokémon is best! (Ok, always the best.) Luvdisc is a water-type Pokemon, making it the ideal character to serve up as delicious poke. I choose you, Luvdisc!

pokemon poke recipe-05162016

Pokemon Poke Bowl
You’ll need:
-Cooked rice
-2 Tablespoons Kewpie brand Japanese mayonnaise
-Pink food gel dye
-1 small piece seaweed

-1 Ahi steak, cubed
-2 Tablespoons light soy sauce
-1 teaspoon sesame oil

In a large bowl, gently toss the cubed ahi with the soy sauce and sesame oil. Cover and refrigerate approximately 1 hour.

Ready a bowl with the rice. Arrange the cold ahi into a sideways heart shape.

Cut out a small circle of seaweed and place for Luvdisc’s eye.

In a small bowl stir together the mayonnaise and a tiny amount of pink food gel dye. Pipe or spoon the pink mayo onto the fish, forming the mouth, eye, and cheek area.

Serve immediately.

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Images: Jenn Fujikawa
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