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PODCAST: Nerdist Live! Tix Now On Sale! 7/28! FRED WILLARD

Fred Willard is one of our generation’s most gifted comic actors. A master of sketch comedy and heralded for his quick wit and improvisational expertise, Fred has entertained audiences with unforgettable movie, television, and stage performances for over thirty years. He is an alumnus of Chicago’s famed improv group The Second City, a three-time Emmy nominee, and co-creator of The MoHo Group–a weekly sketch comedy workshop. He has appeared in over fifty motion pictures, including Roxanne, This Is Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, A Mighty Wind, For Your Consideration, American Wedding, and the award-winning animated film WALL-E.

Yes, THAT Fred Willard. Come see Fred at Largo for our next Nerdist Podcast Live! series. I can promise you incredible times, unforgettable surprise special guests and there are even rumors of a book signing involving Fred and his new tome, Fred Willard’s Magnificent Movie Trivia.

This show will kick you in the brain with awesomeness, so you must be there on Thursday, July 28th! Buy your tickets now, before it’s too late!!


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  1. teezeCrost says:

    Always liked Fred Willard, but his recent appearances on Carolla, and Modern Family put me into “Huge Fan” territory. Heard he also did a RiffTracks. Anyone take that in yet?
    “At home I smoke sausages, I’ll send YOU a link!”

  2. Luanne says:

    Make sure you ask him: “Wha’ Happened?!?”

  3. stubby says:

    Fred Willard is delightful. I consider it a national tragedy that he and Betty White never made babies.

  4. JungheadinPA says:

    Oh man.

    Oh man.

    It’s times like this that geography hurts like a mofo.

    The interview of Marilyn Hack by the trash cans in For Your Consideration! It doesn’t really get any better than those two in that scene. Fred: “Marilyn Hack and trash. What a juxtaposition….” And “Now I know what it feels like to look into the Grand Canyon…”

    Nobody does killer-smart cluelessness like Fred Willard.

    Put him in a comedy at your own peril.

    Because he’s gonna rezone the game, and the audience is gonna watch him racking it up.

    Definitely a podcast I look forward to.

  5. Jung says:

    I adore Fred Willard.. Fred and Jane Lynch can do no wrong in my book.