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Play Google’s Les Paul Guitar Logo Today

In case you’re looking to goof around on the Web for a few minutes today, go to Google’s home page and check out today’s logo doodle. It’s in celebration of what would have been guitar legend Les Paul’s 96th birthday, and it’s playable. You can create and record a 30-second song with it; just click on the button, strum with your cursor, and when you’re done, hit the button again and you’ll get a URL for your recording.

The doodle uses JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas, CSS, Flash, and some of Google’s own tools to create what’s arguably one of the coolest doodles yet, up there with the Pac-Man game. It’s up for the rest of the day; dunno whether they’ll archive it, but if you want to play with it, do it now.


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  1. Conny says:

    This by far is the WORST logo google has ever produced.This tedious waste of precious time is a complete fail and sure sign that google is slacking off.I find no pleasure in pressing strings that ”make noise.”,and if you enjoyed this logo you must have a serious case of autism ,or you are just plain stupid.

  2. Esther says:

    go on this link and you can play the logo again

    for more of google logo go on this link

  3. Lucy says:

    My coworker pointed out that if you click off the search field you can use your keyboard to play the notes. Neato!

  4. I literally spent an hour today messing around with this…thanks Google:)

  5. tyler john says:

    yeah, fun stuff, but i bet there’s gonna be this huge stack of similar little songs just clogging up some mainframe somewhere for eternity. but, on the other hand, i’ll use my new found optimism (thanks hardwick!) to also suppose there’s gotta be a few awesomely original tracks strummed by all those “oh, i’m so cool, i dedicated hours of my life to learn an instrument and practiced hard and made use of my natural talents for the betterment of myself and thus all mankind” musicians out there. umm, that was positive, right? tone can be very hard to portray in text form sometimes.