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Play Co-op POKEMON RED/BLUE With Thousands On Twitch

Certainly this isn’t the first time Pokemon has been live streamed, but fans of the game might want to tune in for this special occasion. Live stream channel TwitchPlaysPokemon has made it possible for everyone to get in on some Pokemon co-op fun without any pesky link cables.

What’s rad about this is that you control the game by entering Twitch comments as button inputs. For instance, typing “a” into the Twitch chat room would prompt the game to function as if the A button is being pressed on a Game Boy. Yea, this is amaze-balls and all, until you realize that there are thousands of other people doing this at the exact same time, which so far hasn’t resulted in the smoothest progression through the game. I’m talking Flappy Bird levels of frustration, as it apparently took 40+ hours just to complete the first gym and Mt. Moon.

Nevertheless, it’s pretty awesome that the stream has managed to spark one of the biggest conversations on the vast variety of ways to play Pokemon in a while. Take a look at the stream for yourself below, and make sure to click through if you feel inclined to take part in the very slow-paced completion of the game.

Watch live video from TwitchPlaysPokemon on
HT: Polygon, TwitchPlaysPokemon

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  1. Tillburg says:

    Pretty sure I watched this the entire weekend. I hopped on at 21,000 viewers and last I was in the room there was 48,000 of them. Oh Helix save us from ledges and start mashers!

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