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Play Apple Announcement Bingo!


Welp, there’s another Apple announcement tomorrow morning, no doubt during which a turtlenecked Prometheus will descend upon Yerba Buena Center and share some kind of knowledge of the gods that mortals will tear their eyes out to acquire. What will it be? New MacBook Airs? iTV (much to the ire of the British network already using that name)? CloudTunes? Veriz-iPhone? The creation of an actual white apple that tastes like a not-too-distant Utopian future?

As I am hosting Attack of the Show on G4 tomorrow, I can promise you that we’ll cover it. In the meantime, mark your spots on the above card to see how well you know the mind of Steve.

via Today in iOS Podcast

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  1. andoran_g33k says:

    @Spelling Nazi:
    The Alpha Nerd challenges you! There are no instances of “Annoucement” save that which you have posted yourself!

  2. n17pr says:

    DEATH TO APPLE!!!! DEATH TO THE CULT OF THE JOBS. Hear me poor souls! Throw off your shackles, there is no need for you to serve the Jobsian Tyrant. Revolt! Do not buy overpriced laptops that apple will arbitrarily decide not to support in the future. Do not pay double the price for half as a good a computer as you could anywhere else. Whatever new crappy overpriced product Jobs introduces, DO NOT BUY IT. You have nothing to lose but your chains!!!!

  3. Chris Hardwick says:

    Thank you, Spelling Nazi! You are the only Nazi who is always welcome to improve the site!

  4. Justin Stolle says:

    How can we play bingo if we all have the same card?

  5. Spelling Nazi says:

    Announcement not Annoucement.

  6. deb says:

    Since I have no fancy “credit,” much less actual money, for cool gadgets (or even uncool ones–after all, I had Commodore 64’s after my P. E. T.), while I am still interested, for me the pay-off will be getting to see Chris host another episode of A. O. T. S.!
    Good stuff!

  7. Just get me more storage, that’s all I ask Jobs.