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Planking George Takei

Here is my humble submission to this delightful meme.

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  1. scott says:

    cool…but to be more “nerdy” you should plank correctly, which requires your hands to be at your side (not on your back).

  2. nick says:

    That’s cool and all but why is the Lying Down Game becoming popular again and using it’s Australian name ‘planking’. The Lying Down Game started in 2006 and was world popular by 2009.

  3. Chris Byrom says:

    …white people…SIGH…

  4. steph says:

    Reminds me of “dietrofront” statue in Florence. You guys cuter tho.

  5. Josh from Europe aka BountyHunter says:

    (((d(–__–)b))) Great picture. How about making a Podcast with George T.?

  6. Patti says:

    Haha, that’s great!

  7. animegoddess says:


  8. Matt Storm says:

    Epic. Just epic.

  9. Anita says:

    Just watched the Takei episode of Party Down, and then I see this! btw you need to have Adam Scott or any other person from Parks&Rec on the podcast!

  10. Dave says:

    He needs to be on the podcast!

  11. Spencer K says:

    Apparently it’s not only okay to say, but also plank Takei!

  12. Sarina says:

    Oh MY!

  13. sarasoba says:

    Aww, so cute and adorbs! A+

  14. Blaine W Flowers says:

    I sincerely hope that while you were up there you talked him into being on the podcast!

  15. JillGill says:


  16. Kronos says:

    Planking – verb: When one individual proceeds to lie naked, face to face, on top of another person, in a rigid horizontal state.

    Thanks Urban Dictionary

  17. Kronos says:

    For fucks sake, I forgot the question mark.

  18. Kronos says:

    I’m a little perplexed. What is “planking.”

  19. Liam says:

    George Takei: “Oh my! So that’s why they call you Big C.”

  20. Phyllis Rogers says:

    Totally thought it said they were ‘blanking’…. Better luck next time…

  21. Stephen says:

    Heheheh, tossed salad.

  22. Luanne says:

    Mmmm…. planky!

  23. Susan says:

    Back off – he’s a married man! 🙂

  24. sewdotcoe says:

    That totally looks like “gently nuzzling.” Well played, Nerdist, well played!!!

  25. TS Hendrik says:

    I’m pretty sure you win.

  26. Jandro says:

    That is so Takei!

  27. Maureen Connor says:

    That is awesome! 😀

  28. RadNerd says:

    Let him plank your face.

  29. Eric C. says:

    Ready for form Nerd Voltron!

  30. mattfoley says:

    I think George would enjoy your planking more in his lap…..

  31. Natalie says:

    I can’t believe you managed to balance your entire body from his shoulder and your face!

  32. JetpackBlues says:

    “Earlier today, I planked @GeorgeTakei on @whatstrending….”

    Ohhh, MY! 😀

  33. Michelle says:

    Looks more like snuggling to me. I are jealous.

  34. Chris Hardwick says:

    alan: can you smell the tossed salad and scrambled eggs?

  35. alan says:

    Are you on the set of “Frasier?”

  36. AJ says:

    I can’t decide who is more adorable!

  37. Tzvi says: