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Pizza Is My Life

Having a case of the Mondays? Mend your Monday blues with the Rotolo’s Pizza jingle. You’ll love it, whether you are a family on the go or not.

(Editor’s note: It’s in Ohio.  They might not deliver to where you are.  But that’s some jingle)


[via Rotolo’s Italian Pizzeria]

Matthew tweets about pizza here.

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  1. Mike says:

    Was that the theme song to Star Trek: Enterprise?

  2. Oh, and that ultimate jingle? Go here and you’ll find Paul and Storm covering it.

    NOW it’ll burrow into your consciousness. Seriously, when you hear that over and over for decades, anything can trigger it. And it’s how you can tell anyone who’s ever lived in Philadelphia from the normal population.

  3. I wrote something a long, long time ago about the diminishing of the local cheesy crappy TV commercial that might be apropos for this topic (because my Movable Type archives are all screwed up, you may have to scroll to June 9, 2004):

    And the ultimate jingle, known by heart to anyone who lived in Philadelphia in the 70s and 80s:

    There are still local commercials, but the old ones with horrific production values and thick local accents are harder to come by. It’s too easy to slick up even the most local of cable spots.

  4. Matthew Grosinger says:

    Ohio Nerds represent. But really I am not proud of this in the least

  5. Mike says:


    Not just good ingredients. The BEST ingredients. It says so in the song.

  6. Randy M says:

    Rotolo’s is awesome pizza. Sadly my wife ate it during pregnancy and it made her really sick. Fourteen years later she still gets queasy even from the smell of Rotolos.

  7. smartbunny says:

    “Henderson Valley Eggs… YOU’RE GONNA LOVE OUR EEEH-GGS!”

  8. Marcus says:

    I wish I was in the travelling distance of a Rotolo’s. Stupid oceans.

  9. Beau G. says:

    Hahah I love Ohio

  10. Maggie says:

    It’s like the guy that sang the Baywatch theme and the guy that sang the Full House theme had a pizza-loving baby guy.

  11. Sean L. says:

    Hahahaha. Wow. We have one of these in my hometown. Ohio … wooo!

  12. Gospel X says:

    Sounds like a song Marshall would sing on How I Met Your Mother.

  13. Jack says:

    I have never heard that before, but as a Columbus resident, I can say without equivocation that Rotolos’ pizza is AWESOME. Good ingredients and lots of cheese. Love it.

  14. Louis O'Raga says:

    I keep picturing a chef with a mullet and a big mustache smiling at the camera at the end of every shot.

    Every now and again, giving a thumbs up.

  15. goldfixe says:

    It almost sounds like the singer from Survivor (Dave Bickler) who did the “Real Men of Genius” commercials for Bud Light. He’s probably not doing anything right now so it might actually be him (but I doubt it). Now I want pizza (and to not use so many parentheses).