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Pics from NY Comic-Con featuring shots of "Ghostbusters" Game

gb_mainI came out to New York to enjoy Comic-Con, unseasonable warmth and an odd number of its citizens yelling at people on their cell phones. Seriously. I’ve seen this multiple times so far. I guess times are making people cranky and also unaware that their phones don’t provide a privacy bubble when in use. My favorite overheard thing so far:

[Mook in Trenchcoat Briskly Walking while Shouting]
“No I will NOT listen! I haven’t touched a woman in SIX MONTHS.”

While at the Con, I moderated a panel for a new Comedy Central show called “Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire” which is a delightful nerd-themed comedy in a D&D-type world setting. Sean Maguire (Meet the Spartans) and India De Beaufort (Run Fatboy Run) head the cast and were an absolute delight. Although not in attendance, I have to give a special salute to Matt Lucas (Little Britain) who rocks it as the show’s villain, Chancellor Dongalor. I enjoyed the episodes I watched and am pleased that Comedy Central is recognizing the massive nerd audience that needs entertainment to jam into their pulsating brains!

RE: Ghostbusters game. It looks completely rad. If you had told me in 1984 having watched the movie six times in the theater that such a thing could exist, I may have involuntarily evacuated my bowels on the spot in preparation for running to wherever I could exchange money for it. The only complaints I heard from some of the people playing was that the Wii Nunchuck controllers were a little challenging with regard to aiming the proton packs. Still, I hope this game comes out soon so I can form my own damn opinion (the line to play was too long). The only indication I saw of a realease date said “2009,” but if anyone else has any other info then please feel free to share.

Created with flickrSLiDR.
And for future reference, I have started the Nerdist Flickr page, which will slowly begin filling up with photographic goodness.

Image: Chris Hardwick/Nerdist

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  1. I’ve wanted to try this game since I first heard about it like a year ago. Hope it’s awesome!

  2. TonyWasRight says:

    I can’t believe i missed NY Comicon T-T. I saw one picture were it was a huge mob of people and out of that mob you could pick out the only 3 women in the shot. Please tell me there was a out of shape Dr. Manhattan cosplayer.

  3. bvac says:

    It was kinda hard to aim the proton packs in NES Ghostbusters, too.

  4. were you checking out the hulks butt? lol

  5. LisaG says:

    *sigh* I am lame. I am so NOT a video game person that when I saw this headline, I thought, “Huh? The Ghostbusters RPG came out 25 years ago. I still have my original modules and ghost die.”

  6. celo820 says:

    I wish I could have gone. I live in NY and I just did not have the cash and free time to go. Crap, hopefully next year I will go.

  7. I still love the Ghostbusters. Ever since I saw Ripley in her fish net stalkings; as a demon, try and seduce Bill Murray, I was hooked. All of my friends think that Ghostbusters died in the 80’s and they might be right, but I like to keep them a live in my cold coal of a heart. My friends can be morons, they are the kind of people that shit in mailboxes so I give them a little respect, otherwise my tax return with be covered in liquid crap. We agree to disagree on the whole Ghostbusters are cool thing.

    As far as the video game goes, that sounds like a very interesting game. As long as they don’t fuck things up, like they do with nearly ALL video games based on movies. I would think everyone near the age of 35-38 will eat that game up; having seen the movie when it was actually pop culture and not just a stain in the pants of the 80’s.

    One movie I hope gets made at some point, they keep talking about it, is the “Fletch” franchise. I don’t want that over full tick of a human Chevy Chase playing the part again, but with the right person in the role, Jason Lee or whomever, it might be pretty funny. Let’s not start the hate mail saying I hate Chevy Chase and I am communist, that’s not the issue at all, I LOVE Chevy Chase, but he’s too old and too fat to play the part now.

    I love Comic Con’s, being as I run my own Comic Book Podcast on a weekly basis, I consider myself on the pulse of the Comic Book Community. I’m no Blair Butler, she has a rack and I don’t, and she’s SUPER smart and knows more in her pinky than I will know this year. I would have loved to go to the New York Comic Con. I am jealous.


  8. SinCity says:

    Aww, come on, Felix, this is the age of the prequel!

  9. Felix says:

    I am excited for the game, but for the love of God, no more movies!

  10. gene says:

    TIMELIFE has the animated Real Ghostbusters boxed set.

  11. Kristopher G. says:

    Chris, Ghostbusters comes out June 15, 2009. I remember putting heavy books in my back pack and pretending it was a proton pack. I was always Ray and me and my friends would pretend to catch ghosts. Ahh, what it’s like to be 9 again.

    I got to play the game at the con (360 version), words can’t describe how much I want this game…

  12. siskokidd says:

    haha i see my watchmen in the back.

  13. siskokidd says:

    I hope they dont screw up. after all it is a movie liscense.

  14. amy says:

    standard 30:1 guy to girl ratio? looks like fun! hope you had a good time. ~amy.

  15. Chris Hardwick says:

    I’d say there’s a better than average chance of that…

  16. Scott325 says:

    Awesome! Do you know if you’ll be at the San Diego Comic-Con as well?